PSN Offering 10% Discount in Europe Today (03/09)

There's a discount available in Europe today for PSN users that gives 10% of any purchase in the store. That includes pre-orders and PlayStation Plus discounted items.


Some are reporting this only works in the UK, while others are reporting it works in other EU countries. Also conflicting reports on the deal working on pre-orders. Worked for me, may not work for others.

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lelo2play2756d ago

"PSN Offering 10% Discount in Europe Today (03/09)"

Still too expensive.

Downloadable games are way too expensive compared to retail games... and that goes for both the PS4 and X1 store.

jackanderson19852756d ago

depends where in the world you are... for me digital is the same price or cheaper than physical editions and that's in ireland

GokuSolosAll2756d ago

U.S better get it, too. =/

philm872756d ago

Everything's cheaper on the US PSN anyhow, and the US has loads more sales.

RedDevils2756d ago

US flash sale is already way better than anything Europe, I would swap the %10 with flash sale type US get in a heart beat

philm872756d ago

Only thing I find tempting with a 10% sale is a Rocksmith song pack

MegaRay2756d ago

Nah. Hope for a flash §ale.

zsquaresoff2756d ago

Doesn't work in Dubai even with EU PSN :(

RosweeSon2756d ago

Final fantasy V and VI for £3.60 go on then, 2 x driveclub packs with new trophies £1.50 each and a DLC pack for stealth Inc £1.10.. Bargain, I'd have grabbed Resi Remake and Grim Fandango also but it's only 10% happy to wait and get in a sale with a bigger discount, not bad tho 10% off is 10% off and with the deals and sales already on some great deals to be had, last of us for £16.20! Already got it but for that price ;) some games are already 50-60% so with another 10% on top that's hardly expensive, I agree with the chap above that digital games are too expensive, but only on launch when they want £49.99-59.99 once that's out of the way most are on sale for a fraction of the price.

Caffo012756d ago

how is this supposed to work for preorders?? if i try to preorder Bloodborne it doesn't ask for a discount code.. But if i try to buy a game already out the option is there..

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