The Dark Underbelly of Virtual Reality

MWEB GameZone writes: "Virtual Reality could come a hidden price, a cost to players emotional state of mind that developers will have to consider, but which few have spoken about.

Are we looking for ghosts where there are none, or are there hidden dangers with Virtual Reality that we've not yet looked at?

Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes."

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HoldenZA1849d ago

We closing in on the matrix.....or are we already I at my PC? Where am I ....

Sillicur1849d ago

Your comment reminds me of a Southpark episode on VR :) Or maybe it was just the matrix !

CptEccentric1849d ago

Dem South Park feels! VR scares me

Mutant-Spud1849d ago

Nah, more like the world of Snowcrash or Virtual Light, The Matrix was bullshit compared to the original cyberpunk novels.

HanCilliers1849d ago

Very interesting read. It's about time someone takes VR from a completely different perspective. Like the one dev says in the article, there are a pandora's box of ethical issues we've yet to look at when it comes to VR.

Also this: "You could point your gun at yourself. And that felt wrong - it was too stressful."


Sillicur1849d ago

Thank you! A fully immersive experience while pointing a gun to your head must be nervewrecking. I wonder if some developers will create a game specifically for those nerve wrecking moments...

ThunderPulse1849d ago

Those moments would be awesome too bad you can't play DayZ in VR and press F11.

CongoKyle1849d ago

These sort of devices could be the answers to many theoretical situations. Professor Brian Cox on his podcast with Joe Rogan spoke of a similar device he tested, while under NDA, all he did mention was that the possibilities of such a device are endless. Although we're talking about video games here, I still feel we're only touching on a small part of what virtual reality can offer us.

I also think we're going to have a whole new #GamerGate sage springing up once people start producing the naughty games available on VR.

Sillicur1849d ago

Very interresting, I wonder which device he tested, would be awesome to find out.

Great point on the naughty games and #gamergate, there is sure to be some issues that spring up when VR goes mainstream.

lord zaid1849d ago

You just know there's a lawyer waiting to sue someone about anything related to VR

Sillicur1849d ago

Agreed I definately think there well be. Imagine all the laws that will have to be created for VR, especially as the technology evolves!

Mulletino1849d ago

Just slap a warning label on it.

Tiqila1849d ago

"President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the London Heist Demo for the PlayStation 4 (PS4)’s Project Morpheus used to have an option where players could point a gun at themselves and pull the trigger."

Why did they remove it? This is ingenious, you could have it in a game like GTA where you need to play a game of russian roulette, or even a russian roulette standalone game.

Sillicur1849d ago

They said it was too intense. I think some developers will go for intense though

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The story is too old to be commented.