Watch PlayStation Now European Beta In Action

Following XTREME PS4's recent discovery of the PlayStation Now beta in Europe, a video has surfaced showing the beta is indeed real and working. The video shows Uncharted 3 being rented and streamed to a PS4 using the PlayStation Now beta application, and in GBP£ currency.

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weirdo1850d ago

brilliant! i will sign up instantly if they have/bring daytona usa

sprinterboy1850d ago

Neen waiting ages for this

AntsPai1850d ago

I can't wait to get more games in this, the only game in the beta I didn't beat already was beyond and I just beat it today. I'm quite happy with how smooth it runs though with my average Belfast Internet speeds.

itsjustexuma1849d ago

Once the beta ends Playstation Now will have over 100 games

Ninja_G_Aidan1850d ago

So if I've already purchased Uncharted 3 digitally. Can I stream the game without paying for a PS Now subscription?

St01850d ago

How did you guys get the beta? I've looked everywhere!

MegaRay1849d ago

You sure you looked EVERYWHERE!?

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