The Division - That's why a new IP, cut-scenes to minimum, huge variety of missions

Interviewed by the German magazine Gamepro, Martin Hultberg told why they are making a new Clancy's IP. Moreover he talked about cinematics and variety of missions.

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Activemessiah2759d ago

And a massive graphics downgrade.

philm872759d ago

get over it :P Watchdogs still looks great. Different studio of ubisoft also.

Saijahn2759d ago

watch dogs cutscenes looked great but in-game look washed out and bland. i still enjoyed that game though. And saying The Division has a massive graphics downgrade is just being silly.

die_fiend2759d ago

Watchdogs doesn't look great at all. It's a very ugly game in general, the character models aren't great, the roads look absolutely terrible. Driving around in the day is awful. Have you played GTA V? If you have, you'll know what I mean.

Watchdogs was capable of good graphics though, at night when it was raining, it suddenly looked a whole lot better! Shame almost no1 in the world completed it though.

Dirtnapstor2759d ago

I just don't get why people do not understand that there are different developers under Ubi making the different games....
Hopefully Massive will not follow the path of their sister studios. Lessons have been doled out. Surely they've learned what not to do.

showtimefolks2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

its UBI so all talk but now its time to show and prove

their track record IMO has taken a huge hit so now less talking and more proving

BTW i hope The Division is everything its meant to be and than some. we all want the best game possible. So i don't think anyone is rooting against UBI, its just that after last few of their games now there are some doubts

pompombrum2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I think people's expectations are almost as important. Sure watchdogs had it's well documented problems but ultimately, people are buying into the hype machine and expecting too much these days.

As long as they deliver on a good balance between shooter and mmo and have learned from the huge list of mistakes Bungie made with Destiny, I'll get my money's worth and will be a satisfied customer.

elninels2759d ago

So much information. How?

medman2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I like what I've seen from The Division thus far....the problem is I haven't seen enough to tell if it's going to be my type of game, meaning how all the systems work together, whether it's going to be a microtransaction heavy mess, etc. etc. Ubisoft needs to show and prove, finally, at this years E3 after teasing at E3's in previous years. There is no way a game should be making 3 E3 appearances and still haven't shown console gamplay to the public, but somehow they've managed it.