Lamborghini's inbound for PS4 Exclusive Driveclub

Evolution Studios has just released a trailer in which Lamborghini's are introduced to PS4 Exclusive Driveclub.

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Omegasyde2756d ago

Damn thye must of heard my complaints and took it seriosly. I bashed this game for no american or japanese cars as well no lambos.

They put in a viper corvette as well as some nissan cars -
now a lambo pack.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2756d ago

There are no Nissans in the game yet

bouzebbal2756d ago

what a great racer!
Lamborghini is a nice addition.

thereapersson2756d ago

And those engine sounds are unreal!

badz1492756d ago

that was unexpected but hellz yeah!

medman2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

DriveClub just keeps improving month after is pretty amazing at the moment, with still more content to come. After the lambo's hit, will we see Bugatti? I really don't care if we do or not, but it would be nice. Maybe even one or two old school Bugattis in addition to the Veyron Supersport???

WickedLester2756d ago

Nice!! This game just continues to get better and better!

jp_footy22756d ago

I love driving the Enzo Ferrari at midday with clear weather on Putre Chile. It's just so beautiful...

badz1492756d ago

the Enzo is such a delight to drive. THAT and my all time favourite car, the McLaren F1 LM!

iistuii2756d ago

Me too. I must admit although the weather & night racing look great, I'm getting tired of it in the packs. I much prefer to thrash my cars in the dry daylight, getting great times, it's more enjoyable imo. I've got platinum & every star apart from Venom hot lap 2 in the elements pack, which is a complete nightmare.

Spotie2756d ago

Can't believe there isn't someone in here complaining about the PS+ version yet. That seems to be the go-to deflection response.

I'm so far behind, honestly. I haven't played since before the weather patch came out. I KNOW that makes it a completely different game; I just haven't EXPERIENCED it yet. Too much life going on. But I'll take one of the days this week to ignore girlfriends and family and work and school and just game.

Oh, Spring Break is coming up soon, too!

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The story is too old to be commented.