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It may not be a great game, but at times, it can be excellent.

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A Look at All of the Racing Games Available on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "The racing genre has always felt like a perfect fit on handhelds, thanks to offering bite-sized sessions and being able to hide technical flaws behind blistering speeds and enclosed environments. It provides a large amount of variety too, from immersive sims to light-hearted kart racers (and my personal favourite, drift-heavy arcade racers!), meaning there’s usually something for everyone to enjoy.

Anticipation was high that the Vita would follow in the PSP’s footsteps as a handheld offering an unrivalled selection of racers, from muddy WRC titles to the clean racing lines of Gran Turismo. Beyond the initial months things didn’t quite pan out like this, but there’s still a nice spread of games available to cater to anyone’s tastes – and thanks to the addition of backwards-compatibility with PSP and PS1, the Vita ends up with possibly the largest selection of any console in the last 10 years, even if it's not all running natively on the hardware."

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Coming to PlayStation Plus in May: Tropico 5, Table Top Racing and more

PS Blog:
The PlayStation Plus team is excited to present your next batch of games, available for download on 3rd of May.

First up is tongue-in-cheek dictator sim Tropico 5 – a fully-fledged city-building game set on a fictional island nation. Stepping into the boots of virtual dictator, El Presidente, you’ll guide and direct the everyday life of your beloved Tropicans. Farm llamas, build textiles plants, and occasionally concern yourself with the well-being of your residents, while secretly funneling money to your Swiss Bank Account. Tropico 5 also has four-player online multiplayer where you can battle it out with other would-be dictators online.

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FullmetalRoyale2864d ago

I'm down for trying Tropico, and Switch Galaxy on Vita. Cool.

2864d ago Replies(7)
ShadowKnight2864d ago

@Border not really since Uncharted 4 is coming out

KeiraCameron2863d ago

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Christopher2864d ago

Same here. The car racing one isn't bad either, though I'm not a fan of racing games (I've been trying to get into new stuff, though). Overall, I only own one of the game, so not so bad. And, 3 games on PS4 this month.

badz1492863d ago

I might give Tropico a go since it's free. Perssonally I'm most excited for TTR World Tour. Been waiting for it since its announcement. Loved the 1st one on Android and Vita and now we are getting it free on PS4! AWESOME!

nevin12864d ago

Is this just for Europe right?

cash_longfellow2864d ago

Just confirmed for the US also.

t-hall7852864d ago

They are sooooo lucky i need online for street fighter...

Christopher2864d ago

It's my understanding that since Q2 last year, U.S. and Europe will have the same PS+ offerings each month.

Nivekki2864d ago

Tropico 5 gets a big thumbs up.

Corpser2864d ago

Not a bad game but I played it on PC 2 years ago

Genuine-User2864d ago

I'll give Tropico 5 and Switch Galaxy Ultra a try.

Bennibop2864d ago

Tropico is great fun and very accessible. Enjoy!