PS4 Exclusive ‘Bloodborne’ and its inspirations from ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’

Was PS4 exclusive Bloodborne by the 2001 french movie 'Le Pacte des Loups' (Brotherhood of the Wolf)? Read about the resemblances and the possible inspiration for developer From Software.


Description should read : " Was PS4 exclusive Bloodborne influenced by the 2001 french movie 'Le Pacte des Loups'.."

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Jimboms2383d ago

Interesting, I didn't really see that influence coming.

Hanso2383d ago

another big influence is coming from the manga Beserk.
Actually a creature that is hunting Guts(Main Character) in his dreams is a Boss in Bloodborne :D
Only that in Bloodborne its surrounded by flames!

Jimboms2382d ago

That sounds faily brilliant.

Gilgamesh152383d ago

Brotherhood of the Wolf is a gem, if you haven't seen it you should do so. It is loosely based on "The Beast of Beast of Gévaudan" incident that actually took place in France between 1764 and 1767.

Yi-Long2383d ago

Do take note that many releases of Brotherhood of the Wolf are INCOMPLETE/CUT, and I believe at the time only the Canadian release was the complete version.

bangoskank2383d ago

That movie looked nice but was awful. I hope it didn't draw too much of its influence from that source.

VER1ON2383d ago

Man totally loved the setting and such. Was really drawn into the screen by it. Could watch it anytime.

Lord_Sloth2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

The film's quality won't affect the game's quality. Inspiration could simply be the costume we've seen, and other aesthetics.

VER1ON2383d ago

Of course - out of the question.


We saw two totally different movies if you that was terrible. BOTW is a classic!

bangoskank2383d ago

No, I just have higher standards. Christoph Ganz is a terrible director. The film was ridiculous. His version of Silent Hill was even worse.

Ikki_Phoenix2383d ago

one of the best movies i ever saw
if you guyz dont have problem watching french movies then you have to watch it

dolphin_supreme2383d ago

link to the movie if anyone wants to stream it

coolcaption1680d ago

the movie if anyone wants to stream