Five Games You Probably Bought Because They Came With Demos For Other Games

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming packaged with a demo for Final Fantasy XV, and it's likely many will buy the PSP remake just to get a taste of what's coming next for Square Enix's most popular franchise. This isn't the first time a publisher has used the incentive of a demo for a highly anticipated game to help sell another title. Here are a few games that used the same tactic.

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GokuSolosAll2758d ago

Incentive, sure, but ndver bought a game just for the demo. That's stupid.

ArchangelMike2758d ago

I bought Zone of the Enders just for the Metal Gear 2 demo that came with it. I played that demo alot more times than the actual game - TBH I didn't even like Zone of the Enders. But Metal gear Solid 2 went on to become my most played game at the time - until Metal Gear Solid 3 came out with multiplayer :)

Spotie2758d ago

I got ZoE for ZoE. Could not have cared less about the Metal Gear demo.

Speaking of which, where the hell is my ZoE 3, Kojima????????

Baka-akaB2758d ago

Obviously to each their own , and those bundles exists for people like you ... but i quite dont understand the mindset .

Chances are if you even willing to purchase , and at the cost of a new game , a demo ... you're already a 100 Garanteed buyer when the game is released and dont really need such demo

Jonny5isalive2758d ago

ZOE. I loved that game tho so it was cool.

Lord_Sloth2758d ago

Getting Type 0 HD for Type 0 actually. The demo is a nice bonus.
Got Dogma specifically for Dogma because I fell in love when my uncle let me play it.

Never purchased the rest of them though I have played both ZoE and the MGS2 demo. Loved both of them.

paranoid19712758d ago

I'm pretty sure everybody who bought crackdown on the 360 only did so to get into the Halo 3 beta.

mrdxpr22758d ago

My brother bought crackdown for the beta. And I ended up loving crackdown. I spent so many times on his 360 cause of it. Now crackdown 3 is making me want a Xone just good series in my opinion.

Neonridr2758d ago

I definitely bought it for the Beta. But I was glad I did because Crackdown turned out to be a great game.

Taco_Waffle2758d ago

A lot of people bought Tobal #1 to play the Final Fantasy VII demo.

MasterCornholio2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Anyone remember MGS2 which came with a demo with Snake in it?

Almost everyone who bought that game bought it for the tanker demo.


Kidding. Anyways I never bought a game to play a demo before but I always appreciated the inclusion of a demo.

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