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Mick Fraser: "Zombie Army Trilogy is a fairly pure example of what it is. It’s a game about sniping zombies that doesn’t clutter up proceedings with things like plot and characterisation, and doesn’t ask you to do anymore than shoot zombies in the head. It’s a guaranteed cult hit that offers some of the best precision zombie execution of the generation so far."

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Zombies and World War II Gaming: What’s the Link?

World War II zombie games have been on an uptick for years, but the link between the supernatural and Nazis may not be so fantastical.

SinisterMister779d ago

The world's hiding some exceedingly deep secrets that are bound to pop up sooner or later.


Zombie Army Trilogy Review – Sink Your Teeth Into This - Nintendo Link

Zombie Army Trilogy is a fun shooting package from Rebellion, and it looks and sounds great on Switch, but check out Chris's review for more.

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TallDarknWavy1028d ago

It was pretty decent, slightly repetitive if you played for over an hour. Zombie Army 4 fixed that with more variety, better level and enemy design, it's an absolute blast!


Zombie Army Trilogy Review (The Gamers Lounge)

Who doesnt like games that revolve around Zombies? Zombie Army Trilogy takes the best part of the Sniper Elite and adds the undead. This means a fancy bullet cam which is deeply satisfying. The game has plenty to offer those who want to try the co-op.

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