Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories Coming to North America?

Very very odd and surprising news. Do not take it as confirmed yet!. However, it has been going around the blogosphere that Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories is indeed coming out for North America (without Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix?). Some are even suggesting it's being ported to the Wii! Check out the article for full info and speculation!


We are lead to believe that not just Chain of Memories, but Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ is indeed coming to North America!

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superman3965d ago

I so hope this is true.

iamtehpwn3965d ago

PS2/Wii remake of Chain of memories would be pwnage.

zerolinkgannon3965d ago

They should just go the whole 9 yards and do final mix while they're at it

iamtehpwn3965d ago

Although, if Final Mix was on Wii, then I'd be a 100% purchase.
But I'll take it even on PS2, I want those extra boss fights.

Ngai3965d ago

Yeah! Never understood why they didnt release Final Mix+ and the ps2 version of CoM outside Japan.. sure hope they finally will!

Neo-Delta3965d ago

But if they did id buy a wii for it. I already bought a PSP just for birth by Sleep (biggest reason). Hopefully they show Europe some lovage too. lol, I'd go crazy if it was US only.

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The story is too old to be commented.