ScrewAttack: Top 10 OMGWTF Moments

We've all experienced them. They're the moments that make you want to play games and keep coming back for more.

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Time Lord3969d ago

closely followed by MGS3 ending.


Winter47th3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Screwattack went downhill ever since Handsome Tom left, now it's a lame fest, jokes are stupid and the supposedly funny moments feels forced.

Only thing that keeps me interested is AVGN.

MK_Red3969d ago

Yeah, I really miss him. Did you also feel wierd how at the beginning ? He says "Hey, I'm Stutering Craig..." and I was REALLY expecting "And I'm handsome Tom" before "for Screw...".

AVGN is their best. I also like some of Hard News episodes but that's it.

RecSpec3969d ago

3 and 4's endings were NOTHING compared to Arsenal Gear in 2.

Seriously, Fission Mailed+I need scissors!61!+the fact you're naked!

Then at the end of the area, Snake gives you a sword.

LastDance3968d ago

can some 1 tell me what game that is where the player is piledriving something on the bridge and green and red gems come out???

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MK_Red3969d ago

Wow, WTF was that list? Where TF is MGS stuff? Where TF are Silent Hill's OMG moments? What about the moment Ares throws the pillar at Kratos in God of War?

What about ending of Diablo 2? What about the ending of Fallout 2 (Realizing goverment's real intentions behind Vaults)? What about ending of Soul Reaver 1 & 2 and Defiance? What about Earthworm Jim's ending with Princess What's Her Name being smashed by the cow from first level? Or Jim 2 and the EPIC battle with Bob the Gold Fish? What about Psychonaut's incredibly imaginative and mind blowing levels? What about Doom 1's ending?

What about finding out that MK vs DC is gonna be effing T rated!?!What about MONKEY KOMBAT!!!

The Lazy One3969d ago

They're all wtf moments, but you can only have 10 in a top 10.

MK_Red3969d ago

I agree but come on... Earthworm Jim's ending should have been there. It's the biggest WTF moment of them all IMO followed by fatality (Thankfully they didn't miss that one) and of course, MK vs DC... WTF!? Even though I'm midly interested in the game, I still feel WTF about the game. T rating!?

KillaManiac3969d ago

I can understand why not MGS 4 b/c of no spoilers, but the pyschomantis fight in MGS 1 was EASILY should of been in the top 10 WTFOMG moments.

Guwapo773968d ago

OH hell to the yeah. I was in a state of awe for months.

mariusmal3967d ago

dont forget the frequency for otakon on the back of the game case :P

Relcom3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I really do hate Screwattack, They are just terrible, not funny except of course AVGN.

The # 1 was just awful, Jam packed of Fail

TheColbertinator3969d ago

I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle

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