Every Pre-Owned PS Vita Game Now $7.99 (or Less) at Best Buy

It looks like Best Buy's disdain for all things Vita is continuing. Not only did the retailer recently plummet the trade-in value of every PS Vita game to a dollar, but now they've discounted all pre-owned games for the handheld to just $7.99 or less.

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Snookies122758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Oh dear lord, I hope they have some stock left tomorrow... I'm heading straight down there! I was like, surely not 'every' game. Seems like that's the case though...

Eidolon2758d ago

I'm hoping this list stays at least until I can activate my GCU on Wednesday :(.

user55757082757d ago

complete waste of time. nothing left available online and nothing in the stores by me. good luck people

ValKilmer2758d ago

And the slow death of the PS Vita continues.


EvilWay2758d ago

It was a good piece of hardware that Sony showed no love to

Canary2757d ago

Slow? Sony stopped supporting the Vita after a few months, and most major third parties followed their example.

HentaiMasterRace2758d ago

Come on Sony, do something about your product because @ValKilmer is right.

pivotplease2758d ago

Yeah it's tragic that the best handheld I've ever owned turned out to be the least supported. All they need is a rockstar game and a square game and they would be set. I feel like monster hunter is out of the question now.

PoSTedUP2758d ago

i buy 100% digital for my vita. i cringe at the thought of having a bunch of little cards, even at 8$ a pop. ive even rebought almost all of my earlier physical games digital. good riddens.

but its 100% physical for consoles. shiny discs are cool.

x_RadicalAura_x2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Eww, what happens when they inevitably pull a scott pilgrim on all your games? To each their own, but I like to have full unequivocal control over my video game purchases.

Loktai2758d ago

It's a crazy state of affairs. Though people are so used to the steam model nobody seems to mind anymore.

PoSTedUP2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

then i guess i just go to the bargain bin and pick them out again for .50¢-$1.50 a piece, If that happens...

for a handheld i like to have all my games where ever i go for an unparalleled experience of being able to play any game in my library with a touch of the screen. but thats just me. im kinda weird and dont want a pocket full of SD cards with me. ive lost two of them years ago and wish i lost em all bc sadly i still have LBP and KZ physical...

Youngindy212758d ago

You do realize you can back up your PS Vita games on your computer hard drive, right? So you really never have to worry about them pulling a Scott Pilgrim, when you can just go and retrieve your game off your computer if it ever gets delisted from PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.