Playstation 3 Worth the Price and Equal the Hype

Sony Playstation 3 still very hard to find but worth it if you can, not only for the gaming but also for the Blu-ray disk player....

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CyberSentinel4360d ago

The only thing good about this article, is the post underneath it.

foxone4360d ago

agreed, strangely enough i just posted an article from gameindustrybiz raising some of points he did

Maddens Raiders4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

I can appreciate the unparalleled, techno-beauty of the PS3. I think we can all agree that It looks Great (in the flesh)! That aside I find the article important simply for the fact at how many times the implementation of the blu-ray player often gets overlooked. I'm one of the "rare" heads who actually thinks the PS3 is a bargain but, oh well. And the power comparison to the 360 is a road left best untravelled. I respect the Wii and the 360, but I like browsing thru the "nxt-gen" aisle at Best Buy for BD movies. People look at you as if telling themselves, "am I in the wrong area?" -scratching their heads ya a/w I've got some really good BD flicks and they look Great on my TV. I won't be one of the people geeking out on burned blur-rays either. I pay for what I got. It's only civilized.

Xtrm L1481L1TY4360d ago

But I can't justify Blu-Ray being the next gen winner for sure. I'm sure it looks good but if BD flops, then what? So, unless you've gone beyond our current knowledge of science, physics, and surpassed Einstein's general theory of relativity, thus creating a time machine into the future, nobody, not one single person can say for sure which format will win. I'll wait for the Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo drive ;)
Until then I'm satisfied with high def movies via Comcast on-demand/XBL HD-media downloads.

DeathNote14360d ago

if bd flops, it can still be used for games, unlike hd-dvd on the 360.

i really dont see bd flopping tho. it's being put into homes easier than hd-dvd with the 360.

SomeAnalyst4360d ago

PS2 will be dethroned by Wii, and DVD will be dethroned by PayPerView.

PS360WII4360d ago

looks like people are finding articals talking about how good the ps3 is! Makes me happy knowing there is still hope for this news room.
Anyway, while the blueray player on the system is a nice bonus along with the true backwards compatability of past ps1 and ps2 games. The new ones are taking their sweet time to come out. Granted you can't rush titles because then your left wanting. I just wish the killer games for ps3 would come out faster just a little bit you know

calderra4360d ago

Totally matches the hype. For example:
"All launch games will ship in 1080p at 120fps."
"Resistance is running at 1080p."
"PS3 games will be clearly superior to their next-gen counterparts."

Karibu4360d ago

Sony didn't ever say a thing like that.

dantesparda4360d ago

You're still running your stupid sh!t, eh Caldera. Didnt people debunk your arguments yesterday? But you're still choosing to believe your own inaccurate statements eh? Ok man, go on being wrong for the rest of your life

drewlusk4360d ago

Wow this review is really stupid. He did not even mention what the online gaming is like and how it stacks up to Xbox Live. He just says that its free. These are the things that piss me off about Sony. This idiot thinks the PS3 is superior. These people are not serious gamers they are hacks. I would challenge this idiot to PS3 vs. 360 debate any day. But the only thing that he would say is "Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer". Keep drinking the Kool Aid boys!!!!!!!!!

PS360WII4360d ago

heh can't help but reply to this seeing it's the same thing you copied and pasted on another artical saying how good the ps3 is. So who kool aid are you drinking? You obviously didn't read the artical your just spamming junk. Well done sir (starcasm just in case you couldn't figure it out)

nambo4360d ago

I don't think this guy is credible at all. His comment "The real beauty of the PS3 are the graphics and the controllers. This is what really sets it apart from the crowed." proves he doesn't know what he's talking about. I think almost all real gaming site have that have reviewed multiplatform games lower on the PS3 compared to the X360. This article is another example of lazy journalism.

drewlusk4360d ago

I did not spam I cut and pasted my thoughts on the same topic. You Sony fans are really annoying!!!

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