Dropsy Teachs Us That Even Ugly Clowns Need Hugs Too | TwoDashStash

TwoDashStash: "Dropsy is a surreal adventure game being developed by Jay Tholen about a carefree and loveable ugly clown looking to find redemption among his town folk. After a horrible circus accident that took the lives of many, including Dropsy’s mom, Dropsy is now on a mission to win back the love of the people of his town. Dropsy’s kindness is hilariously displayed through the gameplay by allowing players to hug any one through out the game — including your dog and even a tree."

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MadLad344d ago

I actually had a good amount of fun with Donut County. Dokie Dokie Literature Club speaks for itself.

Number1TailzFan344d ago

Well it's an adult game, so as expected for a lot of anime really.


Review: Dropsy is an adventure game with a lot of heart on Switch - Entertainium

Past Dropsy’s surreal presentation and wordless gameplay lies a positively moving experience that will likely get to you.

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Review - Dropsy (Switch) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Oliver Shellding: "Overall, in spite of needing to retrain my brain on how to interact with the world (it’s easier to travel without also carrying around a mouse and a dongle), Dropsy was a pleasant, interesting, if somewhat short adventure. It had heart, it had some truly gross moments, it had a horrifying cold open, and it was charming, however you can interpret that. For point-and-click enthusiasts, this is a title that should definitely be added to your library, owing to the fact that you can bang it out in an afternoon. For the rest, consider where you want to put your time and efforts, but know that an unreasonably large clown is there, smiling, ready to give you a big, damp hug."

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