'Elder Scrolls 6' or 'Fallout 4': Which one will Bethesda bring out first?

Gamers have been wanting to know what Bethesda is really up to, pining to learn which of the two — "Fallout 4" or "Elder Scrolls 6" — will actually see a release date or if either one will ever make it out the door.

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getrektedmate3272d ago

IMO i think they will release Fallout 4 first since Skyrim came out in 2011, last year elder scrolls online launched and this year they will be re-launching ESO. BTW i think there has been more fallout 4 rumors/leaks than Elder scrolls online rumors/leaks which means the chance's us of getting fallout 4 is more than elder scrolls 6

starrman19853271d ago

I would be ecstatic for either to be honest, but I also feel like we will see a new Fallout first. I'm not getting my hopes up though, I will just wait and see!

WellyUK3271d ago

Yep either game will have tons of content and hours to be put in which is great.

DarkOcelet3272d ago

Fallout 4 or GTFO. Simple as that.

pivotplease3272d ago

I would prefer TES 6 but am expecting fallout and am happy either way.

prettychillguy3271d ago

Personally I want Elder Scrolls. That being said, I think they'll debut Fallout just because of the timeline.