Western's MGSV Big Boss Bionic Arm and New Camo Revealed

Recent Kojima's tweet showcases a new photo of Western's Big Boss Bionic Arm Replica and Camo Costume which we haven't seen it before. Probably, this is one of the Day 1 or Collector's Edition DLC item.

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DarkOcelet2763d ago

That looks like the one from MGS3. Lovely.

007772763d ago

O yeah! Good memory :)

AndyScooby2762d ago

UK/us get the shit deal again love how Japan gets the full size limited edition and we get a midgets one and no ps4 for anywhere apart from Japan Im no fan boy but I only use ps4 but Microsoft do release the limited edition consoles the same world over arghhhhhh sony f**ks me off sometimes

SovereignSnaKe2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I paid just over 600 dollars over on Play Asia but I don't care I WANT Boss' full size Terminator arm. :D

Jimboms2762d ago

Looks particularly awesome.

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