Square Enix Want to Know What Game You Want Them to Make

Square Enix is collecting player feedback with a new survey, and among more standard questions about console, series, and genre preferences is a question asking what one game you'd like to see Square Enix make.

Relientk773191d ago

Final Fantasy IX HD Remake, or an old school turn-based FF like FFIX

bouzebbal3191d ago

i would take a new Tobal anytime, as well as a new turn based FF like Lost Odyssey on 360.
If they wanna modernize FF, fans still deserve a classic RPG and i would like to have a new Dragon Quest.

VenomUK3191d ago

Besides mentioning the obvious game...

Personally I'd love to see a Final Fantasy XII remake. It was the last FF for PS2. It had some fantastic character and costume designs (Fran!) and I loved the feel of the game. I started playing it on my PS3 but compatibility issues meant I couldn't finish it so it would be so great to revisit this world.

nX3191d ago

Enough with the remakes and remasters... can't they come up with original ideas themselves? After so many years in the industry their management should know exactly what players like and what not.

Snookies123191d ago

Man, I'd settle for FF IX on PC at least... It would really round out my VII and VIII on Steam, and would be fantastic for modding.

Mr Pumblechook3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

One other question they ask is "Anything else you want us to know?"

I said "I bought the Tomb Raider remake for 360 and the next-gen version for PS4 because I loved it so much. The decision to take a financial payment to restrict the availability of the game from your PlayStation userbase (which bought the most copies of the first game) demonstrates how you Square Enix are anti-gamer and prioritise financial incentives over your customers that made the franchise a hit.

Even if you release Rise of the the Tomb Raider on PlayStation 4 I will not buy it. I will not be treated like a second class citizen and you have lost me forever as a Tomb Raider customer."

Relientk773191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I'll take another sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi (more like the first game), and Final Fantasy Tactics too

thanks lol

*edit: on consoles

Name Last Name3191d ago

I've been wanting to replay Musashi since forever!

blackblades3191d ago

He!! no anything other then final fantasy. There's enough of that game. How bout chronos or mana or any other jrpg we haven't seen in years.

Scatpants3191d ago

So many people just want them to do a classic style turn based RPG, but it's like they are too dense to see it. They design all these horrible systems that no one wants. It makes me wonder if they ask anyone how they feel or playtest their designs.

dakunclear3191d ago

Or a proper sequal to Chrono trigger!!!!!!!

-Foxtrot3191d ago

HD remake for any Final Fantasy game

I find it hilarious they would ask this because they never bloody listen. All they hear is "...What?....another Final Fantasy 13 game....OKIE DOKIE"

3-4-53191d ago

* Dragon Quest 11 = Wii U/PS4/XB1
* Dragon Quest 12 = 3DS
* Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3 = 3DS
* Dragon Quest Tactics = PS4/Wii U/XB1/3DS
* Dragon Quest 7 3DS U.S. Localization
* Dragon Quest 8 HD Remake = PS4/XB1/Wii U
* Dragon Quest 3 HD Remake = Next Nintendo Handheld.

maniacmayhem3190d ago

No more remakes!

Vagrant Story II
A new Final Fantasy Tactics
New Chrono Trigger

Enough with the remakes and HD updates.

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LightDiego3191d ago

Another sequel for Final Fantasy XIII.

pivotplease3191d ago

Lol and maybe drakengard 4 while we're at it. Oh and 6 more KH spinoffs spanning the snes, neo geo, GBC, and iPad.

KimikoGaming3191d ago

Still waiting on 3D remakes of Final Fantasy V and VI like the DS remakes of 3 and 4...

Still waiting on a Kingdom Hearts game about Mickey.

Still waiting on a PSN release for Crisis Core.

Still waiting on a US PSN release for the PSP versions of FF 1 and 2.

3D remake of Chrono Trigger.

Full remakes of FF7-9

DarkOcelet3191d ago

Parasite Eve 3
Chrono 3
Vagrant Story 2

poppinslops3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Eidos Montreal have been working on 'Deus Ex Universe' for a while now... There haven't been many details (it's NOT a MMO, despite rumors), but it will almost certainly be at E3.

As for Square Enix, I'd like them to make a game based on their anime 'Darker than Black'... They could set it before the events of the 1st series, leading up to the war for Heaven's Gate.

Bhuahahaha3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

ff tactics
front mission (the srpg genre not fps)
chrono trigger
bushido blade
vagrant story
legend of mana