Why I refuse to believe VR is the future of gaming

Virtual reality was all the talk at the Game Developers Conference this week. From Sony to Valve to Oculus to Sulon, a slew of companies showed off virtual reality technology that they say, will carry us well into the future.

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masterfox3129d ago

VR is not the future of gaming, is just an option for gaming nothing more nothing else.

BitbyDeath3129d ago

VR has been the depictions of future fantasies for decades now. Movies, books etc have all assimilated it.

Morpheus and Rift are only the first renditions, they will only keep getting better from here on out.

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lifeisgamesok3129d ago

Gaming will always be best on your television

Pandamobile3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

"Gaming will always be best on your oscilloscope"

-Lifeisgamesok, 1970.

BC_Master_Haze3129d ago

"gaming will always be best on the PDP-1"

-lifeisgamesok, 1962

jhoward5853129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

VR has a much better chance at becoming a success in the entertainment industry than ever before because the optic technology has greatly improved within the last decade.

Also, to make VR a reality it needs the necessary hardware power to render scene that are lifelike to the naked eye. This was something that wasn't available a decade ago, but it is now.

Of course, VR technology has failed number of time time b/c it was lacking on certain technology that weren't good enough, or there wasn't any manufacturing methods to make the parts for VR affordable. Like the screen for instance.

Screen that has a Back light/edge light/etc weren't good enough to have the proper VR experience, which have resulted to very bad latency/lag.

Truth of the matter is we have the tech side covered to make VR a hit.
My only concern I have with VR are the amount of games it will have.

I'm a firm believer that what can't be done on a small scale, can't be done on a big scale as well. The amount of games that have come out for console is ridiculously low, so will VR.

However, i still believe VR will succeed because of the amount of you tube vidz I've recently seen. I've watched grandpa and grandma laugh their head off when they put on oculus headset for the first time. Not only was I taken by their reactions, I was extremely fascinated by how they enjoyed VR when they weren't even in to gaming. That tells me a lot that VR is not only for gamers, its for everyone because VR taps in to the one thing that we all have experienced before, EMOTIONS.

gamer78043129d ago

VR has been around for a LOOONG time. 3D has also been around a long time. They both survive, but are niche markets. Just like 3d, VR will ever become the future of gaming, just its niche carved out of it.

BC_Master_Haze3129d ago

You never know, could catch low wildfire if the price is right

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ApocalypseShadow143d ago

That's fine. GT7 would overshadow it anyway at it has open wheel and regular cars.

Should have been spending their time updating Squadrons with better resolution, frame rate, haptics, etc as there isn't a game like that on PS VR 2 yet.

But it's EA. They don't think.

Babadook7142d ago

I agree. It would sell better on PSVR2 right now.

Knushwood Butt143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

A wasted opportunity, but I don't buy EA / Codemasters stuff anyway. Grid Legends just came out on Plus and I haven't touched it. Why would I when I have GT7 and PSVR2?

Abnor_Mal143d ago

Not into F1 racing, but still a missed opportunity.

ApocalypseShadow143d ago

That's where opportunity presents itself that they could offer something else that other developers haven't offered yet. Yeah. There's No Man's Sky. But a space game with a story would be great. Like the old days with Colony Wars.

Abnor_Mal143d ago

Exactly, they could have possibly lured more players just from the inclusion of a vr mode.

I miss Colony wars and G-Police, Low-Fi I hope will scratch that itch when it releases. We also need a vr War/Starhawk game.

Knushwood Butt142d ago

Just watched the trailer of Low-Fi. Most definitely on my radar.

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Forgotten VR Gems: Robo Recall

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Babadook7163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Although I never owned an oculus, I played the demo for this at an electronics store. Pretty impressive in an early goings of VR title.

Venoxn4g162d ago

Such a great game