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Tom872394d ago

Am I the only one who will skip Battlefield Hardline?

timothyckeegan2394d ago

The game has been delayed, it was supposed to release last year. Looking at gameplay, it might look fun but unrealistic, not to mention the game is a bit similar to BF4. Makes me feel like it is a DLC for this game.

PudgeyBurrito2394d ago

As someone who plays battlefield Since release on PS4 and was in both alpha and beta builds of BFHD I can simply say this is bad advice and also not true at all. The game plays different because it has a different theme and feels a bit more action like because of the way the maps and games are setup but it's every bit as fun and as in depth as BF4. Everyone on the beta I talked to pretty much said after 30 minutes they where hooked as the game feels a slight bit different but never the less it's still an great game. This time around it's not a bug fest either.

BlackTar1872394d ago

BFHL is awesome.

BF4 was a let down. I have also played every BF ever released and i can say Hardline feels much different.

I can't wait to go hunting for Criminals.

BlackTar1872393d ago

lol at the people disagreeing.

jacobvogel2394d ago

As a huge Battlefield fan, who played BF2, BF3. and BF4. I will wait and see.

nowitzki20042394d ago

Its exactly where I stand. As a huge BF fan I will eventually get it but am not jumping into it at launch like I will BF5.

Kribwalker2394d ago

I'll give it a shot with EA Access and decide from there. I'll know after next weekend

lebr0n2394d ago

I'm considering COD: AW.

gatormatt802394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

So are you saying that your decision is to take your talents to CoD??

spicelicka2394d ago

Cod: AW was horrendous for me. I literally went from AW to Cod4 to AW to Cod4 and man i don't know what it feels like shit to me. I have 10 times more fun in Cod4

Ch1d0r12394d ago

Consider Zombie Army Trilogy, funnest game i ever played this year next to PvZ Garden Warfare. The campaing is coop and the zomnies on screen is insane.

reallyNow2394d ago

AW is fantastic. really cant go wrong. unless you get into a match with me, because you will lose if you're not on my team. ;-)

Umbasa2393d ago

The last two COD games imo have had really bland and bleak multiplayer. I know everyone has their own favorite's but i honestly have not enjoyed a COD multiplayer since BO2, but thats just my two cents.

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parentoftheyear2394d ago

I played, bfmc, bf3, bf4, bf 1942, and have participated in both betas for hardline. I really enjoy the game. It was extremely fun and a fresh take away from military shooters. I am Really looking forward to what the single player campaign will be like. I preordered this for preload on ps4, so i wwill either be playing it or let it sit for a year like bf4 did.

quenomamen2394d ago

Did you skip the last 8 CODs ?

nowitzki20042394d ago

I skipped everyone since MW2, so yeah just about.

nowitzki20042394d ago

Im getting BF4 for my new PC, but will eventually get Hardline. Especially if Hardline gets good reviews. The beta was fun, I think it will be good.

prettychillguy2394d ago

One thing that always baffles me about the internet is that there is no respect for the opinions of other people.

Razuel2394d ago

theres only one mode that interests me, all the rest feels like recycled. This should of been dlc.

prettychillguy2394d ago

The beta was lackluster and didn't feel like a true Battlefield title. It is certainly not one being added to my collection any time soon. Especially not for full price.

rashada072394d ago

So.. I kind of wonder if the whole reason for BF hardline release is to test new server stability for when BF5 releases. They definitely don't want what happened with BF4 to be repeated.

Clunkyd2394d ago

GCU Membership is a must buy for anyone living in the US!

DLConspiracy2393d ago

I am not jumping on it right away. It may end up being one of the best single player campaigns the series has seen. Story wise anyway.

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timothyckeegan2394d ago

What is the limit of purchase per title for Gamers Club Unlocked? Will I get banned if I try to purchase each title 5 times?

Tom872394d ago

I guess 3 per title per console (including Collectors/Premium Editions), if you exceed the number, the price will be normal and you won't get banned.

hduce2394d ago

I might have gotten lucky but I was able to purchase a game 5 times for me and my friends and still received the discount. I purchased some copies online for in store pick up and others were bought in store. All games bought were for the same system.

jacobvogel2394d ago

Any used games on here that someone would recommend? The 40% makes most really affordable for me.

Tom872394d ago

FYI: the deal will end tonight.

timothyckeegan2394d ago

Found few great deals there.

Apollo12394d ago

- The Order 1886
- Dying Light

Search for great Single Player games and apply the code.

miayou2394d ago

Battlefield 4 for $6 is the best deal ever.

lebr0n2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Spent hundreds of hours on this game.

geoatl2394d ago

Still waiting for Amazon to price match.

Syntax-Error2394d ago

No it's not. It's for the 360/PS3 not current gen. Those versions are terrible

geoatl2394d ago

Great list thanks alot.

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The story is too old to be commented.