Killer Instinct Season 2: Creepy Hisako Revealed!

If The Ring girl was ever in a fighting game, Hisako from Killer Instinct would be her.

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Fro_xoxo2768d ago

Man, how many characters does this game have?

etownone2768d ago

Wow.... Very. Very cool and different character. Slow to walk, but long range attacks and super fast forward roll.

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StrayaKNT2768d ago

I love her design so much, just imagine her stage and theme song. WOW

traumadisaster2768d ago

I bought this game day 1 and never bothered to understand the different seasons and characters, I don't even know what I bought.

emawk2768d ago

Are you sure your not playing the free version? How many characters are you allowed to select?

traumadisaster2767d ago

I def paid money so it couldn't be the free version. I get like 10 characters I think, I even bought an extra zombie ninja guy too.

I'm not a huge fan and I'm just so confused, do I have to buy season 2 as well?

Plus I'm playin on easy or something, the guys hardly fight back. Not that I could handle them anyway. What ever was the original for sale price I paid. Cause it was exclusive I bought da joker.

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