Xbox 360 On the Verge of Extinction?

Is the Xbox 360 on the verge of extinction? Owners of the popular Microsoft gaming system, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and other gaming platforms of the recent past are beginning to deal with a harsh reality. The idea that many of the newly released games are not going to be available for the last gen gaming consoles.

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Blues Cowboy2758d ago

Good, about time.

There's been a nice overlap but now it's time to move on. Cross-gen development holds games back.

Gazondaily2758d ago

What was all that noise about not supporting previous gen consoles though? The OG Xbox got a lot of flack for it and MS are supporting it for almost 10 years now. I remember how many were saying how MS would let the 360 die a death as soon as the X1 was out. That hasn't happened AT ALL so far. They got proven wrong there.

I agree though, as long as next-gen games don't get dragged down with cross gen initiatives, then supporting the old gen is fine.

ion6662758d ago

I just don't want them to end psn support. I still play many games online on my ps3 . So ending support now would suck. Sony please save a server for us fighting game fans.

hades072758d ago

Evene without it being used for games, because of 7th generation enabled the ability to constantly update they have evolved so well and make great multimedia centres.

Kiwi662758d ago

Yet recently MS added the preview programme to the xbox360 so looks like they're going to be supporting it for a bit longer

Meltic2758d ago

About time. Stop making games for ps3/360. The next gen is here now. Time to let the good times go...

kayoss2758d ago

I think Western developers are more incline to let go of making games for last generation consoles. However, Japanese developers are still making games for the PS3 and even PSP systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.