White Night Review – A Light in the Dark (PSLS)

"Vision uses about one third of the brain’s processing power. White Night capitalizes on that to deliver a visually and mentally shocking survival horror game unlike any other. Imagine the look of a silent black and white film–the high contrasts make it harder to see details, but the look of each frame piques your interest that much more, like seeing a shadow dart by or a flicker of light in the distance at night. Add to that a multifaceted mystery that makes you question what you previously thought upon finding each new clue. Any frame of this game could be a standalone art print, and it dazzles you along so well that the end comes all too quickly." - PSLS

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Wedge192768d ago

Quite and interesting game. I love unique concepts like this one.

ftwrthtx2768d ago

May have to try this one out

knifefight2768d ago

Looks black AND white to me. Misleading title, pre-order canceled!


(I hope I don't have to say that this was sarcasm, but on the internet...I guess I have to. I'm joking, don't stab me.)

Omnisonne2768d ago

Im guessing thats why they called it White Night, since the night is usually black. A nice play with words

SnakePlissken2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Hey man, theres only one Plissken here! Haha, comedy