Rock Band 4 Boss: Expect a ‘Top-Tier’ Soundtrack

IGN:"Harmonix Music Systems Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Alex Rigopulos is in a good mood when he answers my phone call. And despite the unseasonably terrible winter he’s stuck in the middle of in his studio’s Boston suburb of Cambridge, he has every reason to be jovial – it’s just over a week before Rigopulos and his team will unveil Rock Band 4 to the world, returning the beloved music game series to the stage for the first time in five years"

dumahim3326d ago

Not a fan of the red guitar, but that white one looks pretty nice.

RiPPn3325d ago

They should use the Dance Central Spotlight model, make the game $10 with a handful of songs and then allow people to buy the songs they want.


Harmonix is Joining the Epic Games Family

Harmonix, best known for their work on the Rock Band franchise, has announced that they're becoming a part of the Epic Games family.

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-Foxtrot874d ago

"to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite"

Really? Jesus...

Jin_Sakai874d ago

Honestly can’t wait until this game dies. Only then will Epic do something new.

Rachel_Alucard874d ago

I don't get how people complained that Valve never released any games for years as an argument when defending Epic, and here's Epic just constantly revolving around one game, producing nothing else and trying desperately to keep retention on it by having over the top crossovers to stay in the news and social media. At least Valve knows how to make games instead of lucky shots.

-Foxtrot874d ago

It will never die sadly

If I have to be super blunt...there's too many idiots who buy into it.

I shit you not, I have someone on Twitter, a "friend" if you will, constantly complaining about needing money for gas, electric and to basically live, then when something Fortnite related comes out he then asks for money to buy the next Fortnite skins/pack. I mean who the f*** does that? "I need money to survive but if someone Fortnite related comes out I'll buy that instead rather than saving the left over money". The developers of this game must be laughing themselves all away to the bank.

I just think it's amazing how most of us as kids jumped from game to game, a variety of genres and experiences while today it's literally just COD, Fortnite, Fifa etc.

XbladeTeddy874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

@Rachel: How have Epic had lucky shots? You don't create a great game by being lucky you create them by being talented. I don't care for Fortnite, not my kind of game, but talent is talent. They made great games before Fortnite too you know.

MadLad874d ago


As someone who is far from a fan of Epic anymore ... was Gears, Unreal, and Unreal Tournament nothing more than lucky shots as well?

Rachel_Alucard873d ago (Edited 873d ago )


They had almost 8 years of failures after Gears 3. They had failed to gauge any interest in IPs like Paragon and that Unreal Alpha they barely touched. Finally released Fortnite, but then they spent 3 months making a copy of a popular game at the time which was PUBG that everyone wanted to play. The problem was Pubg required expensive PC hardware and it was $30. But here comes fortnite with a free 2 play version, and all on console. It was the perfect chance to eat up what PUBG failed to do. They just got a lucky chance and seized it, that's it. It's no wonder they immediately canceled all their current projects including pushing STW off the focus over time to push their BR mode the game wasn't originally designed around. There entire company is built up all around Fortnite, but rather then make new games that bring in that same revenue, they would rather just buy up other companies and market share because I believe Tim doesn't trust his companies ability to produce another hit like Fortnite. If they are so talented then why do they not trust themselves to make new games with that great talent? At least Valve tries developing new games even with Steam protecting their revenue.

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porkChop874d ago

Oh ffs. Here I was hoping we'd get a new rhythm IP, but nope, just more Fortnite.

Ausbo874d ago

Fortnite support studio. Unbelievable

BlaqMagiq1874d ago

Which means we will never get a Rock Band 5. Sigh.

TheColbertinator874d ago

Too bad they won't produce new instruments

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Fuser From Harmonix Gets New Gameplay Presentation

Harmonix, the developer behind Rock Band and Dance Central, reveal some new gameplay footage for the upcoming DJ song-mixing game.

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Google signs exclusive Stadia game deals with Rock Band and Until Dawn developers

More Stadia exclusives are on the way.

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Knightofelemia1371d ago

Google should just stick to tablets software and phones all this news still will not get people to buy the friggin thing. I'd rather buy a PS5 or a Series X then waste cash on Stadia.

Bleucrunch1370d ago

you write "rather" as if the PS5 and the Series X aren't as shitty as Stadia lol.

MadLad1370d ago

How would you compare Stadia to the quality of the coming consoles?

RevXM1370d ago

Well they arent.
Stadia relies on a solid stable connection and somewhat fast connection.
For many people it isnt feasable and even for people with fiber it falters for some.

There is lag, it wont ever be as responsive as local hardware, it can be playable, but it is anywhere between perceptible to annoyingly slow or unplayable...

And on top of compression artifacts and quality losses... its not even always offering superior technical prowess over the Ps4 or X1 despite supposedly having way superior CPU and way more graphical power.
Akward when One X has the superior version over stadia isnt it?

its a paid subscription service, and you buy access to games for full retail price on top of that. even if the game is many years old.
And you dont have any control and you dont own squat and they can delete games or entire accounts or libraries at a whim that you paid for.

Sure this happens on consoles too sometimes with accounts being removed which is rare but does happen, and games being delisted and wiped entirely from the servers... But you usually dont pay full price on old games and most AA-AAA games are also on disc. Point is while control and ownership is sort of fizzling away on console... its still there and as long as the entire game is on a disc or a harddrive you can play it for as long as the disc lasts and the hardrives spins and you do not choose to delete it, heck you can loan, trade and buy new and used games whenever. if you can buy a complete game on a disc you have it and you can play it for as long as you have the disc in working order. Playstation and Xbox arent going to break into your home and take your disc games, but they can remove games from their end... and Stadia... well it is all on their end. any and all Stadia exclusives can just be wiped from existance at any time, your access can be revoked at any time. you get nothing, they get your money.
When/if they fail, or simply dont want to pay liscences or maintainance and electric bills on the servers... poof gone forever.

If you dont have a disc with the content or cant back up the digital copy you are just screwed and you have nothing.

Sony and MS arent perfect far from it, but stadia is on a whole another level, final form villainous scheme BS.

Christopher1370d ago

Take away the Internet and I can still play games on my console. Nor is the quality of my game dependent on my Internet connection. Nor do I lose the ability to trade/give/sell a game I've purchased on disc to someone else.

SoulWarrior1370d ago

Lol what's the point? when will google realise the vast majority don't want to game on their crappy platform?

MadLad1370d ago

It's kind of sad. Splash Damage is a great developer, and have made some fantastic games that simply never saw the audience they deserved. Partnering with Stadia isn't going to change that track record, by any means.

As for Super Massive, Until Dawn was fantastic, but their latest release didn't do well, and I think they're looking for any sort of partnership money at this point.

BlackTar1871370d ago

i enjoyed part 1 of Man of Medan, more then i thought i would.

Looking forward to the next part.

more on topic, Google Stadia sucks and so does google.