Borderland 2’s Mechromancer Is Playable In Garry’s Mod

One Angry Gamer "Modding never sleeps. Modders love tinkering with new possibilities, new content, new weapons, stages and characters. In the case of Garry’s Mod the highlight of the game (even though it’s more like a user-friendly software design tool) is that it’s open to include a wide array of content from all sorts of other games. Just recently a modder added Gaige The Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 into Garry’s Mod… and yes, she’s available as a playable character."


Garry’s Mod considering bans for “Nazis”

Garry’s Mod, the Source engine creation game and pillar of the Half-Life modding scene, is considering banning servers that purport to celebrate Nazi ideology.

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Inverno163d ago

Ban it all you want, you can't stop people from thinking the way they think.

banger88162d ago

But what constitutes "Nazi ideology" in this day and age? Especially when anyone with an even remotely conservative opinion is called a Nazi.

"Banning symbols and stuff sounds like they’d just use another symbol, but in my opinion, these people are so fragile that one concession would be too much for them, and they’d find somewhere else.”

That's rich, calling these people fragile. When you're the ones going out of your way to cancel everyone and everything.

jwillj2k4259d ago

Honorable mention to Drive Clubs Ferrari Fxx-K. Should be there over Horizon.

239d ago
TheColbertinator259d ago

The Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak from the Gran Turismo series

Nissan Skyline from Need for Speed Underground

Motorcycle Steamroller from Dead Rising 3

And finally a car you never drive but saves your ass over and over : Honey Badger from COD MW2

Gardenia259d ago

I was thinking of Mad Max. That V8 felt really good to drive around in, especially with upgrades.

dumahim259d ago

No one liked the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. Top 10?

toxic-inferno259d ago

I don't know... It was a strange addition to the game, and the parts of the game where you had to fight in it were tedious. But driving it around Gotham felt brilliant.

BrainSyphoned258d ago

FFXIII-Snow's Shiva motorcycle
Persona 5-Makoto's Persona motorcycle


gm_construct From Garry's Mod Is The Eeriest Map In Gaming, And For Good Reason

Although the game has no real objective, Garry's Mod is a sandbox title that includes some of the eeriest maps gaming has ever seen.

Orchard272d ago

So many fond memories of this map and all the fun I had in GMod. I’ve been trying out S&Box (Google it if you haven’t heard of it), and it’s pretty awesome as a successor.

Hoping they get to a full release in 2023.

Number1TailzFan272d ago

S&box still in progress for game modes, was hoping to see a copy of a few modes from GMOD like the puzzle/obstacle course maps, and Zombie Survival. But so far so good in terms of the way the default sandbox mode feels and looks, plus they're adding realistic looking player models now too.

I imagine it should be a pretty active multiplayer game fairly soon.

itBourne271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Hmm might have to try that... For whatever reason Gary's Mod would shit on my computer and literally nothing I did would fix it.. (SC2 Heart of the Swarm campaign menu system only did the same) but nothing else lol so never got to enjoy Gar's mod