New Battlefield 4 night maps look stunning

New night maps show Battlefield 4 like you've never seen it.

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joab7772767d ago

This is nice and alot of work, I know. But I've always thought that if each map had day/night cycles, weather, different changing routes like open/close doors etc. It would change multiplayer dramatically. Imagine if you could close doors, move objects etc, release caged animals. I dunno.

But the next step for multiplayer must be dynamic gameplay. And not simply 1 thing that's the same.

DeadlyFire2767d ago

Indeed. It would be awesome for more dynamic gameplay. Right now they think one big explosion boom dynamic map. In the future it will be alot of little things as well that make it more dynamic I believe.

deecee332766d ago

These maps look amazing- here's hoping we get dynamic day/night cycles in BF5. It'd be cool if th server could set the in-game time of day for the match so that the light would adjust accordingly during the playtime. For long obliteration and conquest games this would be awesome- starting at 4am in-game and watching the sun rise as you play.

Pillsbury12767d ago

I still don't understand why FPS games still don't give options to play on either day/night maps. Racers have been doing this for years!

Ark_2767d ago

I think it's not as easy as it sounds. Reworking the lightnig of a whole map seems to be a good amount of work. Also the gadgets must be adjusted (thermalsights etc.).

That said: I am really looking forward to nightmaps in BF4. Putting continued effort into the game rebuild a good amount of respect I've got for DICE ... of course the launch desaster really made that necessary.

Kleptic2767d ago

Its only a 'good amount of work' when an engine isn't designed with an adjustable lighting system from the beginning...

What most miss is that FB3 is not the Dice made modern engine people make it out to be...its a collection of middleware from over 4 different vendors...Granny animation, Havoc physics, some dice made networking systems, and a lighting system of which i forget the company name...This mash up of middleware is precisely why mods aren't possible (the licensing of this software to the public is counter productive from a cost standpoint), and why patches and bug chasing takes 1/4's of years, instead of weeks...

either way, the lighting engine within FB3 has some great effects, but is very static from a global illumination perspective...and without that, making a map 'darker' required a lot of hand tweaking of every single light source within the map...there was a server plugin a while ago that could be used on unranked servers, and it turned the global illumination off...when you watch those videos, you'll quickly see how fundamentally the engine wasn't designed for it...

either way, i do admit these new changes look pretty great...I just worry they're so far off for the retail game that it doesn't really matter...I mean they have a community map poll going that has been in concept for months...they haven't even gathered the information on what to even build yet...we're talking about content that very likely won't be here until possibly next year...

RegorL2765d ago

@Kleptic The middle ware is Enlighten and you are quite wrong

The problem is that each scene in the current engine needs hand tuning to look their best. Colour of sun / sky light... Modification of texture colour.
This gets messy if you continuously change time of day.

Future Frostbite games will probably work better as they moved to PBR (physically based rendering). You have this material light by this kind of light - this is how it will look like...

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BattleAxe2767d ago

I remember Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 gave you full customization of morning, afternoon, sunset and evening. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 also had night versions of some of their maps.

This generation is all about getting as much money out of gamers as possible, whereas it used to be about satisfying gamers so that they would go out and buy the next installment of a game because there was actual real value.

DeadlyFire2767d ago

So they can sell you the night version in the DLC. Obviously.

Yeah I don't know why they don't do this really. Alot of the night games do not simulate darkness well, but I do appreciate the attempts to get it right when it is done.

Reworking the whole map wouldn't be necessary if the game engine had a day/night cycle it would shade the world on its own without changing anything. Not much else would need changing.

gamingbros12002764d ago

yo are these new maps for xbox too?

DeadlyFire2764d ago

Yup. EA doesn't do exclusive DLC 99% of the time.

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Cra2yey32767d ago

Destiny has day and night maps but the rotation to get night maps is so poor... Bf5 should get this right.

dillhole2767d ago

Finally a use for the flashlight!

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