British Newspaper Links Would Be Murderer With Video Games…Again

The Sun newspaper, famed for it’s lies and lack of credibility, has been up to their usual tricks once more.

Even though the publication hosts it’s own video game section, it’s always partial to a pot shot at the culture/industry. From calming ISIS use video games to recruit, to blaming violent video games on youth crime spikes, The Sun knows no bounds. This time around they’re shoehorning in video games into a recent story about a murder.

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GamerEuphoria3328d ago

Swear the sun does this st least twice a month. Such a scummy newspaper

xer03328d ago

I stopped reading it when I was 18...

hiredhelp3328d ago

The sun BS its the sunday sport you need :p

gregor1003328d ago

Fortunately this paper has the reputation of being a total rag of a thing. Their audience will eat this kinda shit up though, sad really.

Activemessiah3328d ago

Calling The Sun a newspaper easily falls onto the fantasy genre... they're more like trashy tabloid fmainly used for today's fish & chips wrapping

Wellsy4873328d ago

No one should ever listen to anything that the Sun writes because it is full of rubbish. The entire paper is full of stories and "news" that help drain away intelligence from its readers. The best thing any of us can do is ignore the paper and also tell everyone they meet not to read or support this pile of crap. Guys don't read it and give the website views because this is what they want.

GamerEuphoria3328d ago

There's no link to their site anywhere in the post, just a photo of the article they posted

johndoe112113328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

And why the hell should they include links and give the sun the clicks??? You do realize that we are all gamers here right?

TheSaint3328d ago

Lol, The Sun, ok.

The paper that reported on the front page that Freddie Starr ate my hamster.

Do f*** off.

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rlow18d ago

Interesting article, it doesn’t surprise me because some people are better all a-rounders than others. Regardless of fame or how good they are in their specialty.

TheProfessional8d ago

This is why I feel like the live action stuff in Alan Wake 2 especially is pretty bad. It also looks really cheap and amateurish.

phoenixwing6d ago

Kojima and death stranding 1 2 will disagree


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