Xbox One May get cheaper thanks to this new AMD-chip

"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Comp (TSMC) are said to be preparing an enhanced version of the APU that powers the Xbox One. The move was first hinted from the LinkedIn resume of an AMD chip design maker.

In the resume, the design maker mentioned how he had successfully worked on a more efficient and cheaper version of the Xbox One's processor. After the purported leak, the resume is now made private and can only be viewed among LinkedIn account holders."

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roslindros2395d ago

The picture is the only thing not true about this story. Thats for RazPi but I thought it would get the point across that its like super cheap like really really cheap chips!!!

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Prime1572393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

And why was he the first to comment on his own submitted story?

And why are there more comments even below...

I'm beginning to wonder how this passed :(

Mikefizzled2393d ago

Who resurrected David Dickinson?

Hellsvacancy2392d ago

How does David Dickinson of all people get mentioned on N4G lol?

Mikefizzled2392d ago

I do like that that's the issue with my statement. Not the fact I suggested resurrecting someone who isn't dead yet. Also 'cheap as chips' is a saying he popularised.

Hellsvacancy2392d ago

I cry that he's alive now so if he was resurrected after being burnt to a crisp under one of his sunbeds I would probably top myself

deecee332393d ago

This is how these details always get leaked. Chip companies have started telling employees to keep sensitive info off of their LinkedIn profiles under threat of disciplinary action. Hope this person didn't get called into a "meeting". In this case it's a good leak because it'll gather more interest for the X1

G20WLY2393d ago

More interest is great - as long as it's not more interest in waiting for the associated price drop before people buy one.

nitus102392d ago

Isn't this old by four months?

AMD will be making 20 nm APU's for both the PS4 and the XB1 so why the is this article touting that it is for the XB1?

The following alternative article is also over 4 month old:

What AMD makes for the XB1 they will also make for the PS4 and the price can drop for both although as the older article states it is unlikely that overall performance will be improved, although it is very possible it will be cheaper and the power consumption lower.

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