Final Fantasy VIII is Either the Worst Written Game in the Series, or the Most Brilliant

Final Fantasy VIII is arguably the most divisive entry in the Final Fantasy series. With the way Final Fantasy VII took the world by storm and was touted by many as the greatest JRPG ever made, Squaresoft had the impossible task of making a sequel that would at least be as good as FFVII, if not better.

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-Foxtrot2768d ago

I'm going to say the most brilliant

People nit pick this game to death over the smallest things, things which can easily be explained away.

Yeah the "Orphanage thing" might of not been the best but it did tell you in the first two discs that GF's do make you forget because of their power...they were leading up to it.

Squalls character development aswell....absolutely fantastic

Lord_Sloth2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

The only issue I had with VIII was that I didn't enjoy the battle system but everything else I loved. ESPECIALLY TRIPPLE TRIAD!!!

However, I hate the "Squall is Dead" theory.

DarkOcelet2768d ago

Squall is Dead theory sort of makes sense lol.

-Foxtrot2768d ago

The battle system was fine, if it's about the "I always had to draw" thing then that's bullshit. I never drawed once unless I needed a GF and I still had a shit load of magic at the end of the game.


I think the Rinoa-Ultimecia Theory makes more sense and would be quite poetic. Could of been a plot point for a film-sequel or something....trying to stop history repeating it's self.

Baka-akaB2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yes the battle system works and is perfected just like in other FF games .

Plenty people mix up their own bias and dislike for a system , with it not working as intended .. wich are not the same thing .

As for the orphanage ... nevermind trolls , it's not really used that way as an argument against the game . For some of us , it was just a last straw of sort , in a long serie of story points and choices , we didnt like .

Sure it does make sense within the VIII universe , with that convenient explanation , that is indeed outright mentioned all along ... But it still looks cringe worthy for someone already negatively balancing some pro/cons list for the game .

For me the way the game tries to sell me shoe horn it's (yet painfully obvious from even the first cutscenes) weak romance is a bigger issue . No amount of disney-like ballroom grandiose dancing scene , was going to convince me that it clicks , and didnt just happens because Rinoa and Squall are the titular heroes

Baka-akaB2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


VileAndVicious2768d ago

I actually liked most of the gameplay mechanics....the story though.

I just never seemed to get into it or FFVIII's characters.

For some reason FFVIII has always remained as one of my least favorite in the series. I still liked it more than X though.

Revolver_X_2768d ago

Yea, I actually enjoyed VIII equally to VII. The story did lose me towards the back end of the game. The mechanics and summons were really good. Those Gunblades tho. Oh yea, Siefer killing Odin was BS!

Lord_Sloth2767d ago

People, please note that I simply said I didn't enjoy the battle system, not that it was flawed.

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babadivad2768d ago

FFVII is over rated. FFVIII is better in almost every way. That's just me though.

Spotie2768d ago

Definitely not just you.

VileAndVicious2768d ago

IMHO, 7 was definitely overrated I just didn't think 8 was the better of the two games.

6 and 9 on the other hand...

Revolver_X_2768d ago

That's why I love being a FF fan. They can be so different. You like 9 and I think Zidane is the worse main ever! 6 is boss though. 4,6,8 are mine in that order. 12,7 gets honorable mentions.

VileAndVicious2767d ago

@Revolver _X_

lol I like to imagine that Vivi is the true main character of FFIX.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2768d ago

Indeed! Squall is amazing.

You will rarely see a JRPG male protagonist like him.

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Mankey2768d ago

The worst. Really. Even if you didn't enjoy VII, I very much doubt though any objective or subjective measurements, VII could be considered worse the XIII-2.

Mankey2768d ago

Edit: Ah misread. Thought it was via VII.

Comment still stands though, its hard to be worse than the train wreck that was XIII-II

MeteorPanda2768d ago

how can you hate vii??

That game had everything you could ask of a jrpg!

DivoJones2768d ago

Definitely my least favorite as well. When the main character is that flat and uninteresting it ruins the whole game in my opinion.

miyamoto2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

FF VI (2D) no J-Pop BS just pure epic storytelling and believable characters
FFVII (3D) the reinvention of FF
will always be the best FFs ever made.

Its a toss coin between the two, right Edgar & Sabin?

The absence of Sakaguchi was a real big loss.

Kefka and Sephiroth are the best FF Villains, too.

TM3332768d ago

I really loved this game. The change to more realistic characters helped me feel more immersed in the world at the time. Sure there were parts that were frustrating, but come on, it's Final Fantasy:)

raWfodog2768d ago

As I've said before, I loved all of the FF's that I have played and I thought that each story had its good (and bad) moments. I'm not a die-hard fan who has played all of them though. I've only played:


Serious fans will probably argue that I have missed out by not playing the earlier versions (and they're probably right). But it was the 3D world of FF7 that drew me into the series.

Looking forward to see what FFXV brings to the table.

pivotplease2768d ago

I,IV,VI, and XI are some of my favourites. Would put all of them over VIII, X-2, XII, and XIII for comparison's sake.

Baka-akaB2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yeah many came on board with VII and didnt get to discover excellent titles like V and VI . I to III are a tought sell , as they didnt age so well , and gotta be played with the oldschool mindset .

My top for the serie remains unchanged .. i have a deep fondness for all main FF titles except 3 series : FFVIII , FFX (sorry but i mostly enjoyed the battle system and not so much the tale and characters . ANd FF X-2 i certainly dont like ) and everyone's black sheep the XIII series .

I did try to like XIII more . I didnt find the first's game story and its characters that bad ... when some part where clearly mishandled . But i dont enjoy one bit the attempt at cleaning it up from XIII-2 and lightning .

Anyway my FF games chart minus the mmos . excellent but in a genre of their own :

FF VI . The whole package in story , gameplay and realisation at the time , and still the best for the first two elements imo .

FF Tactics (yeah a spin off , but it's that awesome) FF V
FF XIII Lightning returns
FF X-2

VileAndVicious2768d ago

OMG tactics! I just wish they would make a sequel someday. A real sequel none of that advanced non-sense.

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