Nintendo Should Focus More on the eShop

Is it time for Nintendo to put a stronger focus on their own webstore, the eShop?

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bnoyes2760d ago

Their digital storefront could definitely use some work, and their weekly sales/promotions are by far the worst in the industry. Hopefully the recent shake up with Club Nintendo is signaling a change in strategy.

Canary2759d ago

A change in strategy? From Nintendo? That would be unprecedented in the lifetimes of virtually everyone here.

GokuSolosAll2760d ago

Nintendo always botches is. There's no reason they can't get all their classics released in a reasonable time frame. We just barely got DKC for crying out loud.

EricWeichhart2760d ago

I am pretty sure that Nintendo would released the DKC if they could, I think Microsoft owning Rare was the reason we got them late.

wonderfulmonkeyman2760d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo owns full rights to all Donkey Kong characters and the rights to the original games.
It's only the Kremlings that I think they don't own, for whatever reason, which is why Tropical Freeze and DKCR didn't have them.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2760d ago

they already released DKC 1-3 on Wii U

M3TR01DFANBOY2759d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman, nintendo owns the kremlings, theve been in many non rare developed games. mario strikers for example.

Ninja_G_Aidan2760d ago

Nintendo need to focus more on creating an account system similar to PSN.
Big regret me buying loads for Wii and Wii U, then losing it all because of no account system.

EricWeichhart2760d ago

After the emulator reply I don't believe you bought loads of stuff.

Ninja_G_Aidan2760d ago

Dolphin emulator will let me play every game from Nintendo's home console. Hopefully Wii U soon.
Refuse to buy from Nintendo!

wonderfulmonkeyman2760d ago

You've just officially guaranteed that no one that isn't a hacker, troll, or hater will take your opinions on Nintendo into consideration around here, anymore.
Congratulations, pirate.

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The story is too old to be commented.