100 days until E3: My predictions for the show

Today marks 100 days until June 16 which, coincidentally, is the first official day of E3. Will of Geeks Don't Lie lists his predications for the highly anticipated event.

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lifeisgamesok2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

My prediction is that Microsoft will have the best showing

Rare will most likely announce Banjo Kazooie and or Battletoads

Twisted Pixel is working on their biggest game to date

Plus 3-4 unannounced games

Then we have the assumed games

Gears of War 4
Quantum Break
Halo 5
Crackdown 3
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Fable Legends
Forza 6

Cartmans2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I want a Dragonball Z Open World RPG =O holy cow

Imagine always leveling up beyond SS4 or beyond God -_- I will buy day 1!

MrSec842768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

IMO for Sony they'll own the conference with the following:

Uncharted 4 will open the conference, showing a new section of gameplay in a new area, will also have co-op gameplay with Nate's Brother, release date being early Fall.
Oh and multiplayer will be unveiled.

Guerrilla Cambridge will announce a new Killzone, Mercenary/KZ2/3 style, with gameplay and it'll release Fall 2015.
Looking better than Shadow Fall visually, 1920X1080 60FPS locked.

Then we get Gran Turismo 7 footage, best looking racing game of the generation, full 1920X1080 60FPS locked, over 600 premium cars, standard cars have all been vastly improved and release date for Holiday 2015.

Media Molecule announcing their new IP, 2016 release window, gameplay shown.

Guerrilla Amsterdam will announce their new open world RPG, mecha dino IP, with gameplay and 2016 release date.

Morpheus games shown, release date given, price point of $149/£99 for the headset, $249/£199 with PS Camera and Improved Move, with Sony London's gangster game being a full title.
GT7 and MM's new IP will have Morpheus support.
Plus other VR titles are announced.

New Sly Cooper announced to release alongside the movie next year.

TLG will make it's comeback, with gameplay and a release window for next year.
Agent re-announced, 2016 release window.

And one more thing will be a God of War teaser.

Sony will absolutely blow the competition away!

UltraNova2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


Well I would love a Dragonball RPG as well where the leveling up follows exactly the same power levels seen in DBZ and your character increases his PL by fighting. A special power-xp bonus for those who almost die but win!

Trophy idea: a trophy should be awarded when you pass PL 9000-called "ITS OVER 9000!!!"

Keep dreaming I guess...

EDIT @MrSec84

You my friend are either a prophet or a Sony exec or you have a pretty vivid imagination, either way nice try !

MrSec842767d ago

@UltraNova I'm neither, just thinking logically really.

Uncharted is a given, with it coming out later this year. Killzone has had a release every 2 years since KZ2 came out (plus Sony could do with an exclusive FPS game for PS4 this year).

Sly Cooper getting a movie release next year kinda makes it a similar deal to Ratchet & Clank.

Sony aren't gonna let MS have a holiday with an exclusive racer like FM6, plus GT has likely well into development, they also need a racing game exclusive this year.
That Uncharted and Killzone would basically own the holidays for PS4.

Shinobi602 is a highly reliable insider for all kinds of info in gaming and he's been saying Horizon will be shown off for a while at E3 this year.

I forgot to mention that Level 5 will announce a their PS4 exclusive, they've said this.
According to them it's going to be bigger than White Knight Chronicles.

TLG just makes sense. Sony said about Morpheus already getting games, but it's traditional to announce release dates and price points there and cost wise the parts in that tech aren't expensive.

UltraNova2767d ago


Well what can I say other than lets hope all the things you listed come true in this year's E3!

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Dennis_the_Menace2768d ago

Hahaha Microsoft will have the best showing for software and TV not for games Lmao

2768d ago
Letthewookiewin2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

@life Your list is weak bro. Wouldn't tout it as a "gap" closer.

Rimeskeem2768d ago

If Sony shows TLG then your wrong

MrSec842768d ago

Definitely, Team ICO are largely regarded as phenomenal by many gamers, TLG will no doubt be amazing!

I'd also say that if Guerrilla Games are indeed showing Horizon and it's basically the concept art, brought to life, with a huge gorgeous open world environment, with Action RPG gameplay, Mecha Dinosaurs and wildlife with great AI to take out, then it's a win for Sony.

Killzone has been getting a release every 2 years since KZ2 came out, so I think Guerrilla Cambridge will be announcing that for a Fall release this year.

Sony's E3 this year is going to be huge!

forgetmenot2768d ago

I really think Microsoft has something up there sleeves haven't heard to much from them and with the windows 10/and pc having not to pay for xbox live im hope they are not silly enough to think x1 gamers are going to be okay with this or maybe the kicker is pc gamers dont get a free game each month either way i think they have more to prove

700p2768d ago

\I agree lifeisgamesok

DragoonsScaleLegends2768d ago



Guerrilla Cambridge developing a new MediEvil game.
The Legend of Dragoon sequel
The Last Guardian release date
Ape Escape
PS1/PS2 emulation on PS4
New Tony Hawk game showed on PS4.

Microsoft will be Microsoft

Nintendo will just show games they already announced like Star Fox.

Themba762768d ago

didn't someone say that at the last e3 that microsoft will have the best showing but we know that didn't happen.

JMyers2768d ago

Crackdown and Gears not 2015. TR will arrive on PS4.

Fable/Halo/Forza... any actual new first party IPs? Or will they be buying some third party games to keep it off PS4?

Quantum Break and Scalebound are the only things that are actually new. Let's see how much time is spent on COD and AC.

Any bet they devote a significant portion to Indies. Yes that's right those count as games too, even though for PS4 they seem to not.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2768d ago

Project Morpheus
Silent Hills PS4 exclusive Morpheus compatible
The Last Guardian
Gran Turismo 7
Persona 5 gameplay
Shadow Of The Beast
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture release date
Killing Floor release date
The Forest release date
Hellblade release date
Teaser for New Game from Sucker Punch
Teaser for New Game from Guerrilla Games
No Man's Sky release date
SOMA release date
Project Phoenix
Ratchet & Clank
Teaser for The Last Of Us sequel
Street Fighter V gameplay
Until Dawn release date
Teaser Without Memory
Wild release date
Uncharted 4 release date gameplay teaser

New IP's for 2016 and beyond

That doesn't even cover the number of indies that are probably in the works.

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Dark112768d ago

I just want to see Horizon and GOW 4

OB1Biker2768d ago

I think Sucker Punch and TLOU 2 are way too early and they probably will give a couple of big reveals at every event and spread good surprises all year like they did last year.
For example Guerrilla game this E3 and then Bend new game at Gamescom

BitbyDeath2768d ago

"Wild release date"

This is all I want, that and a new trailer.

OH and maybe WARHAWK!!! (Not gonna happen but I want it)

Dennis_the_Menace2768d ago

Now your talking. PS4 sells 20.2 million worldwide and still going strong

Dewitt2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Silent Hills will be a third person horror survival game Kojima already said so, also 100% it will be multiplat.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Has Silent Hills been announced for the Xbox One yet?

All you have to do is say yes or no.

Any other answer is bull.

BTW, everyone knows it's coming to the PS4 so why is it that no one knows if it's coming to the Xbox One?

No one knows cuz it ain't.

WelkinCole2768d ago

Sony are going to announce getting up to 23-24 million PS4 sold and Crystal Dynamics will again look stupid lol!

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georgenancy2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Wow time sure does fly
Edit: Looking forward to more uncharted 4 and mgs 5 gameplay

dudebrokiller2768d ago

Gurrellia's Project Horizon HYPE!!!

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realplayer822768d ago

I think all 3 will go hard this e3. I am expecting shocking announcements from all 3. Dark horse predictions ps4 timed exclusive gta v single player dlc. Nintendo announces new system. Ms mass effect 4 exclusive content.

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