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More Dragonball Scans

Exclusive: Jump SQ August Issue

My source in Japan has once again provided us with the goods, and in watermark free glory to boot. This time, we've received scans from the August issue of Jump Square magazine.

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Wrong story type
Should be
nothing to do with videogames
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Broken link
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Broken link
The link is dead...
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Bad Editing
my ? who are you quoting ?
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not gaming related
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✔ Fixed
Wrong story type
Should be
Add gaming channel and remove from industry and I will approve this for you.
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nothing gaming related here
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avacadosnorkel3989d ago

must not have a Speed Racer budget.

MADGameR3989d ago

IMO I would look a lot more like Goku with the hair style more than that guy.

specialguest3989d ago

I wonder if the movie will capture Goku's absent-minded and carefree attitude.

Voozi3989d ago

Anyone have a mirror? Link doesnt work D: I need some good laughs lol

Nitrowolf23989d ago

i cant view it either
i saw it yesterday though
lol, it looks like its being made on a very low budget
but this isnt coming to US is it? i mean i remeber the other dragon ball movie they had in japan but that was a long time ago.

mistertwoturbo3989d ago

*sigh* another movie F'up.

I'm gonna watch it anyway for the sake of being a fan of the series. But I'll be ready for disappointment.

253989d ago

just to see how BAD it is. there is no denying its gonna flop.

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