Death's Gambit Is Totally a 2D Dark Souls Game -- PAX East 2015

It's tough as nails, it's bleak, it's awesome, and we're a little worried it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Five Great Games to Play After Surviving Elden Ring

Half-Glass Gaming: "If you're looking for something to play now that you've conquered The Lands Between in Elden Ring, here are five great games with rich worlds, bosses, and lore to discover."

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anast738d ago

I would recommend the other games from From's library.

MIDGETonSTILTS17738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

Doom Eternal on Hard (aka Ultra Violence)
Horizon 2 on Very Hard
Last of Us series on Very Very Hard (aka Grounded, appropriately named…)
Uncharted Series on Very Very Hard (aka Crushing)
Halo Infinite on Very Hard (aka Legendary, also appropriately named…)
Gears series on Insane (bring a friend)
Batman Arkham City on Hard (and remove the counter prompts… GL)
RE Village on Hard
MGSV without enemy markers and “reflex shot” (and forgo the tranq gun and still try to stay no lethal, if you think you’re Boss 🤙).
Control (only one difficulty, so it ain’t easy)
Ninja Gaiden

Really most decent games become Souls-esque once you go above normal mode. Alotta devs balance them well, so they are worth exploring if you need more Souls challenge.

TheSanchezDavid733d ago

Some great choices here! And totally agree about some games being kinda Souls-esque when you scale up the difficulty setting!

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“Death’s Gambit: Afterlife - Definitive Edition” is now available for the Nintendo Switch in EU

"Publisher Meridiem Games is thrilled to announce that the special boxed edition of "Death’s Gambit: Afterlife" for Nintendo is out now and available from European specialist retail stores." - Meridiem Games.

Jackhass768d ago

This one was underrated -- deserves some DLC!


"Death's Gambit: Afterlife" is coming physically to the Nintendo Switch in EU on March 15th

"The Spain-based indie games publisher Meridiem Games, Colorado-based indie games developer/publisher Serenity Forge, and L.A.-based indie games studio White Rabbit, today announced with great thrill and happiness that their 2D platformer/RPG “Death’s Gambit: Afterlife” is getting a special boxed edition for the Nintendo Switch in EU on March 15th, 2022." - Jonas Ek, TGG.