Here’s a Look at Another New Enemy You will Encounter in The Evil Within’s DLC

Bethesda has released two new screenshots and concept art for The Evil Within: The Assignment.

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TheJacksonRGN2759d ago

It does. I can't wait to kill it :)

DarkOcelet2759d ago

So is this like a bloater enemy or something? It looks sick. Just 1 more day...

TheJacksonRGN2759d ago

The brains in the stomach just makes it even more gross.

JoeIsMad2759d ago

While I do love the details, these just aren't my kind of games.

TheJacksonRGN2759d ago


That's too bad but to each their own.

ajeezy092755d ago

The mug got on the floor and did a backbend
I just started playing this game and its the truth