Too many Steam Machines are just overpriced consoles

GT: or all the novelty and newness Valve dropped at GDC, the company has yet to overcome the issue of price point.

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Garethvk2758d ago

I am still trying to grasp why anyone would need one. For 700.00 you can get a decent gaming PC with the ability to word process and do web-browsing.

At PAX East we saw companies like New Egg who were touting $700.00 gaming PCs.

stragomccloud2758d ago

You can do that with these steam machines too though.

Rifkens2758d ago

SteamOS is just Steam Big Picture mode on a Linux operating system. Once you back out of it you can browse the web, use it as a media center, word process or anything a PC can do really.

It baffles me why people say "Why buy a Steam Machine when I can buy a PC?" but they also say "Why buy a PC when I can buy a console?"... Not implying you're one of these folk but I have seen people say that

Garethvk2758d ago

For me the PC is the first place to go as you get the best gaming options if you have the hardware, you get desktop productivity, etc. It is an all in one machine.

yewles12758d ago

"All Steam Machines are just overpriced consoles"


AudioEppa2758d ago

I have a question for people who are super hardcore about PC gaming, do they expect this steam machine to actually take off and be super successful? or is it just a hype thing to fade away quick.

I'm looking at it and all i see it as just another one of those devices like ever Android console and it just seems like it's all a big waste of time and money imo.

Are all these companies trying to changed the way everybody games? hoping to one day overtake PlayStation, Nintendo and I guess Xbox.

Rifkens2758d ago

Steam Machines are just small form factor PCs running a free open operating system. If people don't feel confident in building a PC themselves they can pick one of the many pre builds on the Steam Store... or even buy a prebuild that isn't labelled a "Steam Machine" and just install SteamOS onto it. To answer your question though, I don't think they'll be "super" successful but it will open console gamer's eyes to the sheer amount of freedom they could have.

The thing what will sell strong is the Steam Link. $50 box made to stream your games from your beast PC to the living room or wherever in your house.

Valve need to sell the prototype case they distributed to the lucky 300 candidates.