Hideo Kojima Shows Discarded Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Prototypes; JP Store-Specific Bonuses Revealed

Today Konami revealed the store-specific bonuses for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in Japan, and it’s a rather strange deal. On top of that, the failed prototypes of the special edition PS4 have been shown.

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DarkOcelet2763d ago

I am pretty sure this PS4 edition will be sold out instantly. Anyone who is planning to get a PS4 with MGSV as his/her first game, then they should seriously consider getting that. It looks stunning. This better get out of Japan soon.

Abriael2763d ago

All I know is that I want it. Wether in the west or in Japan, I decided I'll get it, unless a better one is announced in the meanwhile.

Ikki_Phoenix2762d ago

ofc it will
mgs was always a ps system seller it wont change anytime soon

also sony has exclusive promo deal with konami for mgs5 just like destiny so this alone will help alot

IrisHeart2762d ago

I think it looks pretty bad. I know they had to go with this because of his arm but still..better than just a hdd faceplate. Then again I wish there were an Orange or Pink PS4.

DarkOcelet2762d ago

I cant agree with you here Iris, this is the best looking PS4 ever made. It looks really awesome.

SaveFerris2763d ago

That MGSV Phantom Pain PS4 is seriously sexy. I don't know why Sony doesn't release it outside of Japan?

2762d ago
Gamer19822762d ago

Well because they manufacture them there that was the reason last gen however with detachable tops now we will see more and more special editions in Europe and US we are already seeing it with the white PS4.

Ozmoses2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I'd love to get this beautiful specimen but that ain't happening.

What they really need to do is open up the collectors edition pre-orders in America already...

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magiciandude2763d ago

The perfect looking PS4 IMO. The perfect combination of colors and at the perfect areas. I am so getting one of these.

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The story is too old to be commented.