Mass Effect's creative director asking fans what they want in Next Mass Effect

Creative director of 'Mass Effect' Mac Walters has send out some tweets on Twitter in which he asks fans to share their ideas of what they would want (new feature, system or gameplay) in the next Mass Effect.

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DarkOcelet2758d ago

I want the game to be like Mass Effect 1 on almost every aspect.

Maybe tighten the gameplay a bit and make the worlds have more contents than just mining for ores and whatnot.

Make the Mako customizable.

Add Zero-G ability just like in Dead Space. That would be an amazing idea actually.

-Foxtrot2758d ago

Pretty much

Oh and as always


Seriously it's what made the second game feel like an over the top third person shooter. Instead of planning your fire fights, picking the right party members to make up for what your chosen class is lacking and being limited to your classes weapons took all the strategic elements out of the game when you could just go in there guns blazing.

If they want to add VERY RARE thermal clip drops where you can keep on firing then fair enough but once you run out they'll go back to cool down.

DarkOcelet2758d ago

Yeah, cool down weapons made you think your strategy twice before firing. It was an excellent well done idea. Which is why Cool Down weapons with Biotic Shepard made the game amazing.

Although when you got the Spectre Weapons, they mostly stopped overheating :) . Except for the sniper.

getrektedmate2758d ago

All i want is AWESOMENESS in the next game!!!

WildArmed2758d ago

lol cool downs were so broken. I remember I could rapid fire some of my weapons indefinitely because it would cool faster than it would generate heat.

Good times.

Though I am glad the atrocious cover system from ME1 is gone.

-Foxtrot2758d ago


Isn't that the whole point of the next improve on past gameplay features

Cool down weapons are better then thermal clips...

UltraNova2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I would like proper space exploration and combat!

Not some half-assed RTS style arcade space exploration like all 3 previous games. A dev like BIOWARE has no excuses when it comes to polish in ALL aspects of a their games (especially ME) should feel/be thorough developed to their full potential aka, complete!

As for the rest it would be awesome if we get an ME+ME2 hybrid when it comes to mechanics and character progression.

BUT I would love to see them try new things both story and gameplay-wise.

Oh and a good ending from the get go please ;-)

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thisismyaccount2758d ago

Mass Effect 3 was released in march of 2012 ... that´s friggin 3 years ago! AND THEY have the audacity to ask 3 YEARS LATER what we want to see in ME4?! Just woah....

What´s next :

Do we have to tell´em HOW THEY SHOULD MAKE FALLOUT 4!! Have they not done any research on their own at all?!


PunisherRevenge2757d ago

They probably want to know so they can build dlc and charge more for it.

Thefreeman0122758d ago

I'm with you, the exploration really
Made it fun for me

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2758d ago

Why do you want him/her back?. Shepards story is over and this is NOT Mass Effect 4 so it won't make sense to have him anyways. This will most likely be far removed from the overall story of the ME trilogy to begin its own story and will have new characters.

Cyb3r2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I hope they make it less like Mass Effect 3 it was basicly a third person corridor shooter unlike MassEffect 1 and MassEffect 2

OB1Biker2758d ago

The main thing I wish different is the way you choose the ending

EvilWay2758d ago

Basically Mass Effect 1 but maybe a little darker, and Coop would be awesome

WildArmed2758d ago

Always thought it would be an "easy" integration for co-op.

Your friends can pop in as one of your teammates and fight with you. Once mission is over, you got back to your world and turn in any story/quests you want before jumping back into action

Billybobjoey2758d ago

The only problem I could see with Co-op is the dialogue choices. If one of you wanted to be Paragon, and the other Renegade, what would happen?

PKBitchGirl2755d ago

As long as co-op doesn't affect the outcome of the single player campaign, the fact that there was something wrong with our internet connection meant I couldn't join in with other people and could only solo and didn't get enough EMS to get the full choice of endings.

I'm living at home due to illnes and didn't pay the internet bill so I couldn't change to a better (and cheaper) ISP

ArchangelMike2758d ago

More planetary exploration, more space station exploration.
Space combat. Definately space combat. I want to be Jean Luc Shepherd!

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2758d ago

One thing that they have been stressing is that the new ME game will have a much bigger focus on exploration. I want space combat as well.

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