Dual Shock 4 Game Control Mount Review

Join James as he discusses and shares his thoughts on the Sony Dual Shock 4 Game Control Mount for the Playstation 4.

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marloc_x2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"..a great solution for families that often share a television, allowing the family member to carry on their game when the tv is being used by somebody else."

Innovative indeed ;)

harv0522759d ago

I have one like that, works really well....Now if Sony could make it so we don't have to use a separate account or an xperia phone, we'll be all set!

Bennibop2759d ago

Yeah love mine, use it with z3 tablet.

badz1492759d ago

the thing is, this thing is kinda overpriced for what it does. I have a z3 tablet myself and use it constantly for remote play and I would love to have one of this but the price is a turnoff for me.


what do you mean by separate account? ah...I see, so you're using other than the Z2 and Z3, ha? I guess Sony just have to keep it "officially" only for their own line of smartphones or they lose their uniqueness among the ocean of Android phones available out there.

but it seems like they don't really mind the modified version that enabled remote play on other smartphones like you're using. I guess that's something.

TWB2758d ago

I think they already had an itch that somebody will manage to modify/crack/port the software to other android devices so they wont mind.

Besides, by observing some comment sections, you can see some people are incredibly sceptical about the modded version and believe it could steal your login informations even though the modded app originates from XDA forums.

IrisHeart2759d ago

Couldn't you just get a PS TV or Vita rather than an Xperia phone?

Kosic2759d ago

Any android phone can do remote play now. The app got moded a while ago to run on non Sony devices. My note 3 and tab s both run the remote play rather well.

IrisHeart2758d ago

Yeah but wasn't that an unoffical mod that gave random people your info?

Swonic2759d ago

it not only good for share play. you can also check sms facebook and email while you play... even telephone calls

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