Final Fantasy XV PS4 Video Shows Camping, Caravans and Game Over After Getting Stomped by Behemoth

During a livestream from PAX East Square Enix featured a lovely video showcasing the camping menus and buffs, caravans and what happens when you face the Behemoth in Final Fantasy XV's demo Episode Duscae without the proper preparation.

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DarkOcelet2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

So the food does effect to the party just like the Tales Of Series. Nice.

That Behemoth looks tough. And also the soldiers looks seriously strong too. I like how difficult the game looks.

Abriael2760d ago

They actually said that they purposely made the demo not excessively challenging because they want people to enjoy exploring the world.

DarkOcelet2760d ago

God, i hope the game is really challenging. I think they should make a difficulty level in the game. The Higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards just like Parasite Eve 2 in the good old days.

no_more_heroes2760d ago

Even if this technically didn't need to be a mainline FF game (not being turn based), I like everything I've seen about it so far since they (finally) started showing it off.

Even with all the things Tabata supposedly downgraded/changed.

DarkOcelet2760d ago

The old Nomura concept was actually pretty good. I wish they would have went with that but this version looks good too.

But at the same time, i still wished that Nomura would have finished this game.

KingKelloggTheWH2760d ago

Have to agree there, the dark atmosphere and deeper combat seemed really promising.

no_more_heroes2760d ago

Yeah, but it would've meant KH3 taking even longer with split responsibilites.

Then again, its the KH team that's making this, right? So unless another team is making it, not much has changed and KH3 is still a long way off.

Kluv2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

It's hard to tell how much of Nomura's original vision is intact. I feel like all the stuff I saw from when he was still a director felt like pieces of the game well into the story, and the stuff we've seen since the new director feels much closer to the beginning of the story. I feel like maybe AFTER the Duscae plains, the story will eventually evolve into what Nomura showed us in the beginning.

And I wouldn't put it past the director of Type 0, one of the most mature and darkest Final Fantasies anyways, to leave the darkness of this game intact as well.

Adrian_v012760d ago

I miss the lobby scene where Noct and Stella meet. And since Tabata took over not once have they mentioned Etro or Noctis "seeing the light". I'm worried the story changed too much.

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vishmarx2760d ago

bbs team is working on kh3 and a lot of the guys from kh2 are working on this

titans99992760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

Meh..bring on fallout and elder scrolls newest games! Final Fantasy has been dead since FF10

DarkOcelet2760d ago

Well then, i am sorry you will miss out on this game. It seriously looks amazing.

And FFXII and FF Type0 were damn good game and FFXIV according to many who played it is a great game so its not dead.

Adrian_v012759d ago

Yea, it's alive, period. <-- See my statement is stronger, I actually have a period at the end of it.

Eiyuuou2759d ago

Nomura casted Life and Tabata is spamming Cure.

aibonez2760d ago

This looks great! i can't wait to play the demo and prompto is my favorite along with his english dub voice so observing him alot during my time with the game will be beyond amazing for me!

DarkOcelet2759d ago

He sounds like Micheal Angelo from TMNT.