New screenshots of new WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009

The game will include the inferno match, where the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire using the flames that surround the ring. Following are some screenshots of the match in action.

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Farsendor13967d ago

doesn't look too bad wasn't thinking of playing this but i might give it a rent now.

drdre743967d ago

i'll have to pick it up and see. I didnt like last years too much but this one seems to have more than a few new tweeks to make it worht it again. I hope they do online roster updates. And please please please get new damn commentary please. Its been the same damn lines for the past 5 years. damn is Jim Ross that damn busy he cant come in and do some new lines? Fix the damn music while you play also. I couldnt take it anymore in the last one.

JD_Shadow3966d ago

That was what began to kill it for me. They kept taking away the really creative and wacky things that made the CAWs so fun. Sure, we do make alot of realistic looking CAWs, but it seems like any way to do something really off the wall and over the top is being axed in favor of it. The "unknown" gender MUST come back, because to me, that was the best part of getting away with putting female wrestlers into season mode (although there would be a ton of intergender matches there, I wouldn't have minded if it meant getting more points for my CAW to use).

Also, there needs to be an option to add custom songs for the PS3 version. Since they have been able to add that option for a long time now (it was last year that they had that dev kit), there should be no excuse this year to not add it.

Hoping this one is a great one, though.