Xbox One & Xbox 360 – In Stores This Week 9th-15th March 2015

A look at the games coming out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this coming week, 9th-15th March 2015

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Foehammer2768d ago

I think Ori and the Blond Forest comes out this week.

Probably not listed as it's a download.

I can remember when DMC was an exclusive, good to see it as a multiplatform game.

neil3632768d ago

Yeh, Ori is download only I believe. Looks bloody amazing too.

hazard17remedy2768d ago

Hmm, Ori is already in my radar... DMC I think I will buy, because I'm in a serious need of Hack n Slash... But I'm really waiting for DMC4 remaster..

Meh, this month is a weak one... April can't come soon enough, MKX will be bloody amazing

Kiwi662768d ago

I'm confused as according to some from the sony camp the xb1 has no exclusives until the end of the year