Next Level Games Dan Pratezina Has Removed All Mentions Of Wii U From His Site

Yesterday we heard a rumour that Next Level Games, the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, are working on a Nintendo IP for Wii U. The news came from Dan Pratezina who is an animator at Next Level Games. Well Dan has now removed all mention of Wii U from his site, probably because he wasn’t really meant to mention it. Who knows? But it’s certainly an interesting development.

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Ck1x2756d ago

I know people have stated that they hope these guys are working on Punch Out or Luigi's Mansion. But I for one would like to see these guys try their hands at a new Kid Icarus or Eternal Darkness for the WiiU. They have proven themselves to be top quality developers, but either of those franchises would be probably the biggest projects they've ever worked on.

Mikito112756d ago

Interesting, I guess it may be announced formally at E3