Is the official Final Fantasy Type-0 HD strategy guide worth buying?

A look as to whether or not the official Final Fantasy Type-0 HD strategy guide is worth buying.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1858d ago

I hope it turns out good. I'll be getting it just for the ffxv demo. Usually, portable games don't handle well on home consoles. Found that out playing the kh collection.

LAWSON721858d ago

Yeah... If you don't have internet lol jk

Nate-Dog1858d ago

There's a lot of things to do in Type-0 especially in subsequent playthroughs so I think this would definitely be a worthwhile purchase for anyone wanting it. I'm still playing through the PSP version (130 hours in now and on my second playthrough) but I'm still tempted to see if I missed anything.

MAULxx1858d ago

Looks like a nice guide & seems like it would be worth it.

Transporter471858d ago

Last guide I had was for FFX. I never use guides anymore because i use online free guides that do not cost me any money. I rarely use them at all though.

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