GDC 2015: 'Does Not Commute' Isn't Just a Clever Name, It's Also Hilariously Fun

TouchArcade: Mediocre Games is probably the most oxymoronic developer out there. With beloved titles like Smash Hit [Free] and Sprinkle [$1.99 / Free], their games are anything but mediocre. Their next game really drives this point home though, as it's far and away the most I've laughed and had fun playing a video game this entire week at GDC. This new game is called Does Not Commute, and at its most basic level it's all about driving a vehicle from point A to point B. The catch is that once you successfully get one vehicle where it needs to go, that vehicle repeats its route in subsequent rounds. Those previous routes just keep on piling up, and eventually Does Not Commute becomes a frantic mess of vehicles all intent on crashing right into you.

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