5 Things Missing From The Legend of Zelda

We have come to know the The Legend of Zelda series well, as each new title Nintendo release loosely sticks with the same formula, while adding new features to each iteration. Whether it be mask morphing or riding the skyline on a giant bird, the Big N always delivers enticing new mechanics. Over the years I’ve created the perfect Zelda game in my mind, although I’ve never been able to put it down on paper. Today, that changes; well, sort of. The Legend of Zelda is an amazing franchise that many gamers hold near and dear to their hearts, and Nintendo has been thriving to keep the franchise at a steady high. Here are five things I believe would propel the Zelda series to greater heights.

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Dyldog692763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

The main thing missing? A brunette. I wouldn't do all that for another worthless blonde

wonderfulmonkeyman2763d ago

IIRC, she had brown hair in Twilight Princess...

LaWiiG2763d ago

Maybe there is a reason why others in the village have brown vs blonde/light brown. There could be some sort of lineage and that is a symbol of it.

brettnll2763d ago

I love that you guys are talking about hair lol

Metallox2763d ago

You had that weird girl called Hilda in A Link Between Worlds, which despite having "dark" hair I'd classify as a brunette, since every Zelda aside from the TP one is blonde (and ugly). http://vignette1.wikia.noco...

And yes, we're talking about hair lol

2763d ago
LaserEyeKitty2763d ago

No to all five. If you want to play Skyrim, or play OoT or play old LoZ games, go play those games!

tweet752763d ago

id like to see more "optional" hard to find dungeons with big rewards hidden inside. Also id like to see expierence points return like in zelda 2. There should be a game "as is, as intended mode" as always been in zelda games where dungeons stay the same and a mode where dungeon setups are randomly generated. Also little or no hand holding and vast open worlds in all future zelda games.

Canary2762d ago

Definitely agree on the RPG elements. Especially if they want to move the series in an open-world direction.

But the rest of the list...? Eh. Seeing "play as sheik" just strikes me as stupid. I definitely think there should be more customization options for Link, gender included, but Sheik is a very specific character from a very specific game and for the gamers who want the option to play as a female link, a cross-dressing Zelda seems more insulting than anything else.