GDC owners UBM manipulating media in an illegal cabal?

UBM have the power to suppress individual developers opinions, crushing lives and threatening livelihoods.

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Ereban: Shadow Legacy Review | PC | NoobFeed

NoobFeed editor Mariella Deadman writes - Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a great addition to the stealth genre. Subverting expectations with a well-lit area being the most dangerous possible. The story is engaging and works as an excellent backdrop to the great gameplay. The movement is swift and exciting, and the combat is really well implemented.

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Paradox Interactive Dropped The Ball Big Time With Cities: Skylines 2

Shahmeer from eXputer: "Paradox Interactive's Cities Skylines: 2 is an underwhelming experience from what was promised by the devs, leaving much more to be desired."


Dragon Ball FighterZ's Rollback Update Was Too Little Too Late

Daniyal from eXputer: "Dragon Ball FighterZ was so close to a revival but ineffective communication and a dubious launch of an anticipated update botched that hope."