CD Projekt Will Iron Out Witcher 3 Pop In & Frame Rate Issues On PS4, High-end PC Required For 60fps

"The game won’t kill your PC if you have a lower end machine."

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Fro_xoxo3129d ago

makes sense..
If you want a lot more out of the game, you'll have to pay for it.

I'll be content with the console vers.

gameseveryday3129d ago

Yes. the console versions should be fine but just like many other open world games out there, the PC version is going to be a delight. The possibility with user generated content like mods are amazing.

Not downplaying the consoles in anyway, but the true graphics potential will be made possible on high end PCs.

hazard17remedy3129d ago

Its obvious that the PC version will be the best, with top notch graphics and possibly, mods...

I will play it on consoles, because that's where I feel comfortable of playing, but I look forward to mods on PC. I've done the same with Far Cry 3... Played on Xbox 360, but played with MODs on PC

WCxAlchemist3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

But i will enjoy my Console version from a 60inch Samsung smart tv from my Lazy boy. Trade off evens it out 4me

Str8Chaos743129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Yeah because a PC can't use a controller or be hooked up to a TV /s.

GameNameFame3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Best Graphics possible - High End PC.

Console streamed line experience with Full HD- PS4

both has its benefits.

nowitzki20043129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )


I game on my 55" LED 3dtv with my Custom made PC with a GTX 970 that blows my PS4 away. I love my PS4 but you should see how great even 10 year old games look on this thing.

ziggurcat3128d ago


"Not downplaying the consoles in anyway..."

yes, you are. you're downplaying the PS4 version by singling it out.

LordMaim3128d ago

@nowitzki2004: Obviously you've forgotten what gaming looked like 10 years ago.


nowitzki20043128d ago


OK 8 or 9 year old games like tf2....

starchild3128d ago

Crysis is 8 years old and it still looks better than some of today's games.

mikeslemonade3128d ago

This game is getting a watchdogs treatment. They're trying to get all versions similair. Which that is dissapointing as a PC owner.

BC_Master_Haze3127d ago



Doesn't seem like the watchdog treatment.

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awi59513128d ago

I wonder if this game will even hurt my rig. Witcher 2 hurt alot of peoples rig but this one seems not to be pushing things as much. Right now im gaming on one of my cards i turned the other one off because im getting more than 80 fps on ultra for all games on one card. I'm just wasting graphics power at this point i need something that's going to push it.

sssb3128d ago

After seeing pc requirements for The Witcher 3, I think my pc will run this game nice and easy at lease better than consoles versions, but of course I'll get this game for pc and ps4 I just want keep playing it till metal gear solid 5 came out in September.

PudgeyBurrito3129d ago

:/ Why do people expect games that are in development to be perfect? The soul purpose of development is to get the game made and running. Fix the bugs you can find and ship. Some bugs will come later as coding is a crazy world and anyone who codes knows this. Reporting on bugs they most likely know about is ridiculous. The words Alpha and Beta don't have the same meaning as they once used to an i'm starting to see why in the past you would never get to play an alpha or beta build but in some cases it's used as early access now a days or for stressing. I hope this trend dies.

yarbie10003129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Maybe because a lot of games recently have released in the same state that they were during alphas & betas, with poor optimizations http://gyazo.com/b370c23571...

PudgeyBurrito3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I disagree but I gave you a good bubble vote :)

You missed my point. Those games are just released to early and that's obvious and typically the company knows about the flaws and ships anyway. Trust me, Dev's know more about there games then we do and they have a list of the bugs. If the game is silent or embargoed till the last day before release typically that's a sign either the game sucks or it's a bug fest and they do it so it will have a chance to recoup development costs.. *Cough* Sim City *Cough* which is bullshit and people need to not buy from these's devs or in some form show this isn't acceptable clearly.

What I am stating is people report issues on beta builds even when the developer knows about them like they will be released that way. This is what internal testing is for and alpha and beta tests. This is an article telling us about a bug when the game is still in Beta. This isn't really news in a way. It's expected. These kinda bugs usually take prescience over in game bugs as it construes the whole game and not just a part or a mechanic.

Palitera3129d ago

Bad frame rate and low resolution didn't stop the greatest game of all time from being a masterpiece.

sorane3129d ago

Yeah but that was back in the 90's. Times have changed. What was fine for Ultima 7 20+ years ago isn't fine for games today.

Fireseed3129d ago

Question is if that's an issue with the developers. Or the console manufacturer for their middle of the road lackluster hardware.

BitbyDeath3128d ago

The Last of Us was only 30FPS on PS3 and is considered as one of the best games ever made.

Just saiyan

mamysozn3128d ago

Yah but good frame rate & high resolution with great game play will make a game masterpiece.

Palitera3128d ago

That is where I disagree. In fact, to reach 1080p at 60 FPS they have to sacrifice so much system and human resources that I really doubt it would be a masterpiece.

spacewarrior13129d ago

are they planning on remastering the first two games for PS4 ? as a PlayStation gamer i'm not buying Witcher 3 until i can play the first two games. hopefully an announcement at E3. its so annoying below average games like Darksiders 2 can get remastered but games that actually deserve a remaster don't.

sugawalls3129d ago

They've already said they won't do it. Either build a Pc or ... cry

spacewarrior13129d ago

PC lol. get your facts straight they have said they are considering a Witcher 1 and 2 remaster but want to get Witcher 3 done first. when they do announce i laugh in your face.

HammadTheBeast3129d ago

Why'd you ask if you already know then?

MysticStrummer3128d ago

...or shrug and play another game, which is what the vast majority of console gamers would do.

JohnyONE3129d ago

Remastering Witcher 2? Are you joking? Even now this game can kill most new pc's with ubersampling...

pyroxxx3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Why would they,.. Witcher 1 and 2 are shitty games

Edit: maybe not shitty,.. but not really good,.. Fighting system in 2 improved tremendously ,..but it is still shit