Video: Watch As We Recap February 2015's Best PS4, PS3, and Vita Games

Push Square: "February 2015 may have been quite literally the worst month in PlayStation history, but that's not stopped us from pumping out another recap video. Watch on as we crown Dragon Ball XenoVerse, and also break a bit of bad news to Sir Galahad and crew. He didn't take it particularly well, we're afraid to say. Oh well, remember to push that 'Subscribe' button – pretty please!"

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New Speed Golf mode whacks a Critical Hit towards Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends gets better again, with the introduction of a Critical Hit DLC pack and the launch of Speed Golf.

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MediEvil 2 Remake May Be Shadow Dropped At PlayStation Showcase/State Of Play In May 2024

A remake of MediEvil 2 may be getting shadow dropped at the rumored PlayStation Showcase or State of Play presentation in May, 2024.

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Relientk7719h ago

What, I thought this was dead after Shawn Layden left Sony. I would definitely pick this up if it's true. I have such great memories of playing the MediEvil games on PS1 and I played the PS4 remake. Such a great and underrated series.

Cacabunga8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

A rumored game at a rumored show.. we’ve seen it all

TiredGamer8h ago

Agreed. The first remake was stylistically beautiful and a very noticeable improvement over the original in every regard. And it was reasonably priced and sustainably developed (i.e. not some mega big budget game that was do or die for the developer).

Zeke689h ago

Thanks for the spoilers... :(

RonnySins9h ago

Another day, another remake. Ugh!

SonyStyled8h ago

If you played the original print I can see your annoyance. I didn’t and probably a lot others the past 20 years.

Was it any good? Would you suggest playing the original print of 2, or suggest the remake? Just wondering because I didn’t play the originals as I had an n64 at the time

TiredGamer8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

I played the first remake and absolutely loved it. The quality of life and control improvements were very noticeable. I tried playing the PS1 original and gave up halfway through at the janky controls.

Expect the same for part 2. The PS1 version is janky as heck, but I would gobble up an improved remake day one.

The beauty of this kind of stuff is that I find myself enjoying more retro gaming today, so a relatively low budget classic remake (call it a single-A release) is exactly what is missing from first party releases in the modern age. I don’t want every game to be an unsustainable AAAA endeavor that is just overwhelming in every regard. Truly miss when game releases could be modest-sized surprises and still be commercially successful/viable.

Bring on more quality classic remakes!

DarXyde39m ago

I can see your frustration and mostly agree, but modern remakes of games lost eras ago are fine if you ask me.

I don't know how old you are, but I was a kid when the first Medievil came out. It's really for a new generation of gamers more than anything and the industry is at a point now where there is an insane number of current gamers who missed out on those classics.

If we're talking about remakes of The Last of Us or remasters of GTAV, I'm in agreement. Otherwise, the choice to remake games like Final Fantasy VII, Medievil, Parappa, etc. are fair to me. Even PS2 era games being remade would be welcome to me. Often, the tech updates make it worth it.

Knightofelemia9h ago

Such a good series I also wish Sony would dust off Wild Arms and Legend of Dargoon even the Legend series needs to see the light again.

Omegasyde8h ago

My bets on new Socom and/or Wolverine (since Deadpool 3 is dropping in the summer).

I think one after this state of play will be PS5 pro preorder

InUrFoxHole3h ago

But please not like Socom 4

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"Darkest Dungeon II" is coming to Playstation consoles on July 15th, 2024

"The Vancouver-based (Canada) indie games developer Red Hook Studios are today very happy and excited to announce that their roguelike /strategy/RPG “Darkest Dungeon II”, is coming to Playstation consoles (PS5 and PS4) via PSN on July 15th, 2024." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

TwoPicklesGood10h ago

Don't sleep on this, it's a great day

Michiel19895h ago

I personally didn't enjoy 2 as much as I did 1. Actually didn't even finish it.
I do praise that they didn't just carbon copy the 1st game and added more of everything, but I think that during the process a lot of what made Darkest Dungeon appealing to put a ton of hours in, was lost.

The new mode does look cool and I will definitely jump back into it and try it out.