Ultra Street Fighter IV - PS4 version coming on April 16?

The PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV could come out on April 16, according to release of the FightStick Tournament Edition 2 sold by Amazon.

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spacewarrior12757d ago

how is that date hard to believe ? its actually a good way of stealing MKX's thunder. its business sense to not give your competitors enough time to gain marketshare.

Baka-akaB2757d ago

Why do they even believe that anyone willing to buy yet another version of SF4 would be detered by MKX ...

If MKX interest them , they'll most likely get both , and i'm sure Capcom doesnt have insane expectations for a port of sf4 . It's further cash .

Last of US and FF Type 0 are pretty much the only ports/remaster that got the blockbuster release treatment

voodoochild3462757d ago

Yeah. Fighting games are not like other genres. If someone is interested in both games, they'll buy both. One won't influence the other.

MrSec842757d ago

Exactly a port just requires code changes so it'll run on the new platform, optimization for that platform (if the developer cares) and mapping the buttons appropriate for that platform.

Costs are probably pretty low, a few thousand copies of a game probably more than covers it.
Easy profit for a developer/publisher.

bouzebbal2757d ago

i might get it if it includes all DLCs.

Baka-akaB2756d ago

i remember hearing that it does includes everything released till Omega mode

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fei-hung2757d ago

I bought sf4, ssf4 and ssf4:ae on the Ps3.

I have little to no interest in usf4 unless they give it for free or £5-10,and my friends on psn choose to get it to.

I am however interested in MKX. The Dev does an amazing job in terms of content. The skins, levels, characters, story mode, arcade mode etc makes the game worth the price.

I'll be interested in sf5 if they give us the same amount of content for the price.

JMaine5182757d ago

That would be a nice surprise

Minute Man 7212757d ago

Ok then I'll just hold off from getting this on PS3

Tankbusta402757d ago

I'm holding out for the Ultra Mega in yo face last edition but not edition

Baka-akaB2757d ago

You mean street fighter V then ...

Tankbusta402757d ago

No I mean the next re-release before Street fighter v... Capcom gotta squeeze those monies out son

Gohadouken2757d ago

Yawn , the same trite stuff ... Anyway considering the game is poised to release at spring 2016 ... and that there has been a new version of sf4 at earliest after one year from a release , nah ... SFV it will have to be .

Revengeance2757d ago

This IS the last version. SFV is being targeted for spring 2016. There's no way they'll have the time or resources to fit another version.

LightDiego2757d ago

Great game, Capcom tried to ruin with your DLC policy, but Street Fighter IV it's one of the most important games recently.

deadpoolio3162757d ago

Ummmm the only DLC SF4 had was the stupid costumes that were OPTIONAL for people that wanted them...It's not Capcom's job to give everything away for free...There was also nothing to stop people from purchasing the ONE $14.99 update instead of the $40 disc.....

Your clearly confusing SF with SFxTK, which there also on PS3 out of the box had 44 characters while the other 12 were optional

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