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Gamesblip offers their opinion on Sony's The Order: 1886 for the PS4.

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AudioEppa2757d ago

Wow a 9.5? That's awesome!


gamesblip2757d ago

I think you might be upside down... ;)

AudioEppa2757d ago

Why can't I be downside up? Please don't discriminate, treat all angels fairly.

Fro_xoxo2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

lol you guys are so silly.. don't make too much fun. There are sensitive people lurking about.

OT: Fair score.

ltachiUchiha2757d ago

See I can understand if u give it a 6.5 or 7 if it wasn't good to u but to flat out give it a 4 or under is BS. That would mean the game is broken or unplayable which is far from the truth. Those reviews have "Give Us Hits" marked all over them.

ninsigma2757d ago

Totally agree. I don't really agree with a 6.5, I'd say 7 at the least (I don't think it deserves an 8 or above either) but if a reviewer can give me relevant points that make sense and not downing the game for what others are praised for, then yeah that's fair enough. But to give 3's and 4's out of 10 is pathetic, and only the worst of fanboys would take those seriously. I've said in another thread (on a helldivers review I think), that I wouldn't even give assassins creed unity such a score.

mhunterjr2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Actually, I disagree with the notion that reviews are supposed to be objective.

Actually, they are supposed to act as recommendations on whether or not the gaming experience is worth while in the eyes of the reviewer.

So much about gaming is subjective, so it's completely impossible to give an objective review...

Only the technical aspects of a game are objective- poly counts, texture quality, AI sophistication, frame rate, resolution, etc

However, so much about games come down to taste- level design, art style, story structure, gameplay mechanism, etc

If reviews only focused on the objective stuff, pretty games like Ryse and the Order would get great reviews, while Minecraft would get panned... That just isn't right

A good review tells the reader what the writer found enjoyable, and what they disliked. Then they explain in detail how those likes and dislikes affected their overall stance on the game. In the case of The Order, reviewers tended to like visuals and presentation, but their strong dislike of various game design decisions made it hard for them to consider the Order a good game. That's perfectly fair.

mhunterjr2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

That's the thing, they don't 'berate' the game because it's linear. They knock against linearity comes because the game design within those confined spaces, isn't very fun...

There are many linear games that are widely considered good games. Despite their linearity, they invite the gamer to return to those play spaces time and time again. The problem with the order is that many design decisions and shortcommings work against linearity... The slow walking sections, the bland AI, the frequent unskippable cutscenes, the lack of enemy variety, etc.

Linearity isn't inherently bad. there is linearity done right, and linearity done poorly.

starchild2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Yeah, because AC Unity is actually a good game. At least in my opinion and the opinion of many reviewers and regular gamers. I don't know why you are picking on that game. It's a bit glitchier than past AC games, but nothing that gets in the way of playing the game. It has worked for me since day 1 and a lot of the glitches were ironed out with patches anyway. So don't act like you are being generous to not give the game a 3 or 4.

My whole point is, it's hypocritical of you to complain about low scores for The Order 1886 and then turn around and imply that AC Unity deserves lower scores than those it was given.

mhunterjr2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I disagree...
6-7 imply that a game is fun, but not special.

Under a six means a game is bad... Broken games should get 0-2... As they have no redeeming quality.

If someone isn't having fun with a game, they shouldn't arbitrarily assign it a 6-7 just because it works...

ninsigma2757d ago

That's a fair point.
But reviewers are supposed to review games objectively, and give pros and cons on what the game does right and wrong, not on whether they liked it or not. That doesn't happen though on any review for any game or anything else that gets reviewed for that matter. It's all opinion based. If reviewers want to base of opinions, then they should write an opinion piece. People go to reviews to see an objective overview of the good and bad of the subject. I have no problem people not liking the game, but when they say things that are just plain wrong (like the order being a QTE fest), that's where a line needs to be drawn.

ninsigma2757d ago

I get what your saying. But I do think objectivity needs to be there, but I'm not as blind as to think preference isn't going to come in it. But a lot of reviews reduced the games score because it's linear, but don't reduce other game's scores because they do the same. That's been my problem this whole time. Where they berate the game on aspects (that it does well, and better than other games that do the same thing) that are not raised as an issue in other games of it's type.

bnoyes2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I think a score of 4-6 is perfectly fair for any videogame where the gameplay feels like an afterthought and the story doesn't even try to have a conclusion, and that pretty much describes The Order. It's all flash and zero substance, and even though the game works, the way the actual game is designed could be used in a class to teach how NOT to design your game and how NOT to tell a story.

I haven't read a single bad review of The Order that didn't do a good job of justifying the score it gave. It's the good scores that worry me, because I can't trust a reviewed who ostensibly cares more about the most superficial aspects of gaming than the things that actually matter.

parentsbasement2757d ago

I should finish it today and other than graphics im not really a fan , but , I guess it is exactly what they said they wanted it to be.....a "cinematic experience"....NEVER got used to the black bars , just hated them , slow walk for long periods , pick up stuff for no apparent reason , is something about to happen ? yep , I can draw my weapon now( that is VERY annoying ) my biggest disappointment was Tesla's lab , SO MUCH wasted potential there imo , let me fiddle with some knobs and make lightning at least....I guess some of the gun battles were ok , not so much on the werewolves , ....some of the QTE's almost caught me off as I didn't seemed to be involved in playing it as much as watching it.....but I see why reviews are way up or way down as there is no middle ground on this type game/experience ......

blackout2757d ago

We will see with the sales how dumb ps fans are. This game is just getting slaughtered across the board. Play games not graphic's. ? is the highest ratted game on the ps4 (AAA wise) The Last of Us. That's just crazy.

Master-H2757d ago

Doesn't matter; I'm sure you still got them beat in that regard either way, mr highest "ratted", and hey, at least TLOU R worked online, unlike another remastered collection (that still got high scores somehow despite faulting other games like Drive Club for the same thing..)

Spartacus102757d ago

Did an elephant sit on your head?
How did you mind get so narrow?