GTA V Heist Update Already Available For Some Players And Clocks in at 4.8 GB

We have been waiting for over a year for the GTA V Heist playlist and in just two days we can play it with our friends. Now it seems that some players get a early access and are already able to play it.

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PeaSFor3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

thats sad but kinda too little too late, with FF Type-0(..and the FFXV demo) and BloodBorne right around the corner, i dont really see myself touching the online heists before a long time(or not at all)

was kinda hyped for them before the multiple delays, but now im not sure about it.

(that said im pretty sure some peoples who always play GTAV Online will have fun with it)

xPhearR3dx3126d ago

Yup. Free on all platforms.

Brooklynbully1233126d ago

And that will be me, thank you Rockstar!

spacewarrior13126d ago

how will heists work if its team based ? okay you don't need to complete in one session but what if people don't play the game ? will you have to do the heists yourself ?

brich2333126d ago

I heard from somewhere that they are like Destinys Raids.

wakeNbake3126d ago

So will this be like Destiny raids or will there be some kind of matchmaking?

WildArmed3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Atleast you'll be able to earn money/levels more than once a week unlike Destiny.

And yes, I think they mentioned matchmaking awhile ago.

It's unheard of to not include matchmaking. But to be fair, considering how halo games lacked match making for things such as horde mode, etc etc. I'm not surprised Destiny didn't have matchmaking for anything but strikes/pvp.

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-Foxtrot11d ago

Crazy that with how big Rockstar are they've only done GTAV and RDR2 within the past 10 years

Knightofelemia10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

10 years and on three console generations and they are still milking the game.

Flewid63810d ago

Cant milk something if people aren't buying it.